When Andy Beshear opened his headquarters in Bowling Green, I attended. I am a Democrat and I expected to hear all about Gov. Matt Bevin, and there was some of that. I was pleasantly surprised by Beshear's remarks.

Beshear spoke about Kentucky and Kentuckians. Democrats and Republicans are all in this together. There was much more talk about "us," as opposed to "us versus them." It felt good to think of Kentuckians together. It was nice to hear someone speak about what we could do for everyone.

I think back to Bevin at Fancy Farm demanding to know, "Are you with us or are you with them?" He was intent on dividing the crowd and making people declare allegiance.

No matter how you vote in an election, we are all Kentuckians. I will vote for someone who wants to represent us. Someone who has a goal of helping all people, no matter the party affiliation. I don't want us divided. If we make improvements in health care, I want all Kentuckians to receive care. I want all Kentuckians to feel validated. State workers, teachers, police, firefighters and anyone doing that hard work to receive a decent salary. All Kentuckians need care!

I will NOT vote for a divider. Someone who ridicules state workers. Someone who calls teachers names. Someone who wants to turn people against hard working people in order to make himself look tough.

I will vote for someone who cares about us as Kentuckians. I will vote for Andy Beshear. Think about it, citizens of the commonwealth!

Anna Sue Heller

Bowling Green


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Le Ecrivain

Every interest group listed is a government employee. It's almost like the government controls the means of production for the plurality of voters.

Enough Already

If Anna Sue Heller is an accurate representation of today's Democrat voter that explains why Kentucky was a blue state for so long. Her level of naivete is in a class by itself...

Absolutely Positively

"Hi, I'm a lifelong Democrat who always votes for Democrats and let me tell you why I support the Democrat candidate!" That's fine, but don't act like there was actually a chance that you would vote for someone else and that you arrived at your decision after carefully considering other options.

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