Many people are wired to accept significant constraints on their individual liberties, presumably in exchange for perceived "stability" or "safety."

It has been observed that some cultures exhibit a high tolerance for authoritarian regimes. Individual preferences on this issue may explain the divisions observed among the citizens of Kentucky regarding the measures taken by Gov. Andy Beshear during the COVID-19 crisis – many exhibit an amenable if not obeisant response to his pronouncements, while others find fault. It is true that the crisis data shows Kentucky comparing favorably, so far, with bordering states.

But, speaking for myself, Gov. Andy Beshear's authoritarian impulses appear to me to come too easily and ... this concerns me.

William Davis

Bowling Green


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Koheleth and EA2. 👏

Enough Already 2

I just have a simple question.

Can the letter writer and the current comment supporters in this thread, even pronounce hypocrite, much less spell it?

Of course the art of Hypocrisy, as practiced by the current president and at least 99% of his "37% absolutely faithful"; at any cost; at any sacrifice of any moral standard and always with a straight face cult following is to be expected!

I think that Andy Beshear will be some real competition for Rand Paul's position after his outstanding performance during this crisis.

What say ye?


The peanut gallery has arrived for another letter rebuttal against his socialist beliefs. I'm starting to feel sorry for your twisted mind. If Mr.Davis frequents Waffle House you surly must frequent the Country club


Once again, I reiterate;

Your mousy reply does not qualify as a valid argument, and it is patently obvious that Amazon warehouse workers in the New York area are more informed about what has taken place in Kentucky than you are.

Of course you are certainly welcome to an attempt at redeeming yourself.

Enough Already

Beshear is a dumbocrat and this comes naturally to him. He is only a smidgen removed from a declared socialist which is a brother of full blown communism. Everyday dumbocrats demonstrate the differences between themselves and communists is just a matter of semantics at best.

Beshear is a closet totalitarian and I'm sure he relishes this opportunity to try out unconstitutional edicts. This is tolerated only because the news media has stirred it to the point of extreme anxiety and fear in the masses. This gives dumbocrats a new reason to attack the president's performance while ignoring their own lies and hypocrisy. Right on cue as if the country did not have enough to be concerned about the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi creates a house committee to "investigate" Trump's handling of this plague. She truly is a partisan hack and should be jailed as a traitor. She is one sick puppy...


Ladies and Gentlemen, exhibit A from my comment below.

And for those of you who have been playing along you know the rules,; childish name calling, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK... socialist/socialism, DRINK... communist/communism, DRINK, DRINK

May have to end up adding totalitarian/totalitarianism to the list before this is over with. My supply is already running low though.


Some people display their ignorance as if it were a badge of honor.

Don't worry Mr. Davis, the Waffle House will re-open once this passes and you will be able to get back to your expositions on the social contract and authoritarian regime's.

Until then, perhaps use this opportunity to brush up on some history.

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