Bevin’s election claims are baseless

I was stunned that Gov. Matt Bevin immediately started suggesting conspiracy after he lost to Andy Beshear. He has no evidence and even is insinuating that Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes was somehow involved (“For her to jump the gun on this and interject herself into this, a little suspect as well”).

More alarming was Robert Stivers’ idea that the legislature could decide this election. Almost 6,000 votes isn’t a “contested” election by any measure.

As a candidate, Matt Bevin is entitled to certain things; however, peddling conspiracy and having elected officials reverse his loss aren’t part of them.

Alex Poole

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

Considering the overwhelming corruption in the Democrat party (the Latest example being played out in DC with the sham impeachment of the president) Republicans should never take anything for granted. Hillary is still claiming the election was stolen from her as is the goofball Democrat governor candidate from Georgia. A thorough examination of the election and the ballots is very much in order to be sure Democrats have not cheated again in order to steal an election. It is widely known you can't trust a Democrat as far as you can throw them. They are corrupt to their core...

Absolutely Positively

As for your claims about Bevin peddling conspiracy theories in an election loss, can't say I blame him. It's common these days.

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