Thanks to Gov. Matt Bevin and our state legislators.

My husband and I are both retired Kentucky educators with over 30 years of service each in both teaching and administration.

When we started our career, we both felt teaching was our calling in life. At that time, neither of us knew anything about a pension. I recently researched what benefits are actually in our inviolable contracts. According to our July 2019 Kentucky Retired Teachers Association newsletter, Kentucky Law (KRS 161.714) provides us with lifetime monthly annuities and access to health insurance. Unfortunately, I discovered that access does not mean we are guaranteed low costs for premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, a wide network of doctors and medical providers and a reasonable level of coverage.

This year, my husband had open heart surgery.

Our bills would have been at least six times his annual pension if not for the excellent insurance coverage we are provided. I wish to thank Bevin and our legislators for approving 100 percent of the additional $1.09 billion that TRS had requested to fund the system from 2018-2020. My prayer is that they will be able to continue to provide this coverage in future years.

I also want to thank Bevin and our legislators for passing pro-life laws and laws to give able-bodied people incentives to provide for themselves and others. My parents taught me three significant values: the right to life (including the unborn, the disabled and the elderly), the importance of family and the respectability of working to provide for oneself and for those who can’t (not for those who won’t).

I feel blessed to live in Kentucky where our governor and numerous legislators place an importance on these values as well.

Kathy Hughes



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