Let’s get real everybody. Joe Biden isn’t the Democratic candidate for president. By default he got the nomination. With such weak candidates to choose from and such pathetic anti-American views, he was simply left standing! And barely able to do that. The socialist left (aka Democrats) are primed to take over for Joe.

Biden is simply a controlled puppet of the socialist powers that be, his “handlers” if you will.

He chose a vice president simply based on gender and skin color. Think of what this party has to offer ... anarchy, higher taxes, perpetuating racism to stir up anger to get votes, abortion at every street corner, bowing down to China, Iran and North Korea, the Green New Deal, taking away our Second Amendment, tearing down the border wall, taking away our religious freedom and defunding the police.

These are just a few issues the socialists known as Democrats stand for. These are the BLM, Antifa and professional rioters who burn down cities. It’s un-American!

Look at the gloom and doom of the Democratic convention vs. the America first, American pride present at the Republican convention. The Socialists see America as bad and the cause of the world's problems. Trump Republicans see America as great with USA leading the way. The choice this election is like wanting a filet mignon (Trump) or a bag of melted M&Ms (Biden's handlers!)

God bless the USA!

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green

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I could be mistaken but I believe that is how we ended with the current president. Default in 2016.


Hello rocketman! It's been a while. Glad to see that you are still amongst us.


Ah. The clown show that is Eric Wheeler/Enough Already ladies and gentlemen. Always can be counted on for a good belly laugh.

Check it out, he even compliments himself on his own letters. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny guy.

Enough Already

In response to Koheleth I have to quote Forrest Gump because he is way past to stupid to know what he doesn't know.

"Stupid is as stupid does". (You really know how to do stupid!)


That should read 'way past *too stupid'...

And, how are we to 'know what one doesn't know' in the negative pretext you postulate? Perhaps we would be better served by claiming someone doesn't know what they don't know, which granted, could be considered redundant. Or maybe, one knows that they know nothing. That'd be a positive affirmation, but if they know they know nothing, that implies that they do in fact know something. That something being the nothing they know they know about. Could just be a case of one does not know they don't know that they don't know.

All of those examples make much more sense than the one you gave and I'm alleged to be the stupid one?

Thanks for the lolz. You never disappoint.

Enough Already

Thank you for your input. It does confirm you are too stupid to not know what you don't know and your elaborate reply makes my point perfectly.


Make claims to intellectual deficiency then bestow this little nugget; "your elaborate reply makes my point perfectly".

The irony. It's things of this nature that make you such a funny guy.

Words have meaning there chief. Shall I spell it out for you, or can your oh so astute mind parse it out for yourself?

Enough Already

As focused on yourself as you are I'm not surprised you missed it.You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, regularly. Don'y hold back, do go on...


I'm just the narrator for the clown show utterances that are your commentarial offerings. The more one probes, the funnier they get.

Let's consider it a public service. We can all use a few good laughs right now.

Enough Already

Actually you are the star of your own one man clown show. We all enjoy reading how intellectually brilliant you think you are. Reading your comments conjures up the vision of an effeminate Sir Percy Blakeney, without any of the machismo of his double life, a sad fool of a man...


See what I mean! Hilarious!!!

Enough Already

Well said!

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