Biden has U.S. on wrong path

Many people believe Joe Biden is doing a great job as president. Many people disagree. Why?

President Donald Trump left the national debt at $23.3 trillion. He added $7.8 trillion, mostly due to COVID. Biden has added $6.5 trillion just in eight months.

Biden has closed the Keystone pipeline and suspended oil and gas production (while encouraging Russians and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil), causing gas prices to double and the cost of food and other essential items to soar.

Before COVID, the unemployment rate was 4.6%. COVID then emerged and 20 million American workers were told to stay home. Biden boasts the “creation” of 4 million jobs in the past six months but conveniently ignores that Trump created these jobs and now the same workers are back to fill those positions.

Our southern borders are open and, honestly, a country without borders is not a country. The news about illegal immigrants has been blocked and the officials ignore the dangers of COVID and crimes that are brought to our country.

The Russians and Chinese are benefiting from weak U.S. policies in the Middle East. Afghanistan’s situation and the danger of terrorism are critical. Iran is close to possessing nuclear weapons and actively supports Hamas and other trouble-makers in the region.

The liberal groups have been emboldened by the current administration’s policies, saturating the schools’ curricula with radical issues about race and gender.

Conflicting policies regarding COVID have made Americans reluctant to follow preventing guidelines and very young school children have been subject to untested measures that could cause them deep psychological harm.

All in all, the U.S. is a divided nation and, as has been said eloquently in the past, “Divided we fall.”

I must make one positive comment about Biden. He hasn’t played golf as much as Trump.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green

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