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I just watched Joe Biden bungle his way through a speech that was already on his teleprompter. If you watched his eyes closely, it was obvious he squinted as he tried to read each and every word written for him by person or persons unknown.

This is the same Joe Biden that was our vice president for eight years, including “service in the Senate” for almost 50 years. Even his allies have openly stated that he has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision. This is tragically just another fiasco, but in doing so embarrassed the American soldiers who have served valiantly in Afghanistan. He emboldened the Taliban by giving a date upon which they could be sure America would not interfere with their takeover. He even openly ignored the advice of his military and intelligence leaders and forged ahead with no plan or idea of what was likely to happen. What he did do was blame everybody else except himself for a foreign policy catastrophe, the magnitude of which has not seen since the fall of Saigon. He completely ignored the progress women have made – they who may have the most to lose were ignored.

Apparently, this man is living in a dream world of his own creation. He can’t seem to use his limited cognitive ability to understand that people are dying in Afghanistan in horrible ways and fear for their lives just because they assisted the American government in some way.

The Taliban has officially retaken the country, including the seat of government; the president of Afghanistan left the country for safety, and left behind are some 58,000 Afghan soldiers who have fought and died to save their country.

Joe, you are not capable of leading this United States of America today or any other day.

Steven Janes

Bowling Green

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