I was rather amused at your opinion piece ("Gaffes raise doubts about Biden's fitness for office," Our Opinion, March 4) regarding Joe Biden’s fitness for office after committing several "gaffes," as you call them, in his campaigning.

Each one was a misstatement easily clarified or 30 years old. None were in any way dangerous or threatening like the vitriol coming from President Donald Trump on any given day. On a recent night, he actually suggested that Americans can simply “get over” the coronavirus by sitting around or even by going to work. This, of course, contradicts every caution issued by the CDC on a daily basis – a fact that should really terrify all of us. The president has on numerous occasions used his “hunches” to directly challenge the medical experts and scientists involved in this crisis, putting us at risk of illness and an epidemic-level spread of the virus.

He is much more interested in presenting a rosy picture to his supporters while ignoring the facts. He still doesn’t understand what a vaccine process is, even though he is reminded of the timing over and over. He is unteachable because he has resisted and ignored facts and science for so long. No wonder the confusion and chaos is worrying the American public! How many contradictions will Trump allow before he fires the experts?

He will not be made to look bad, that is for sure, which is why every government agency has been thinned out or decimated as he demands a level of loyalty reserved for a king. What a sad spectacle.

Jane Barthelme

Bowling Green


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Enough Already 2

Say what you will, but to the majority of the voters in the Nation, Biden is still a better choice than Trump for the next election cycle. In fact, most anyone short of a failed lobotomy would be a better choice than Trump (this part is just an honest opinion). Now this may worry the sheets out of the current respondents, but Biden is electable, he will have the support and votes that he will need if he is selected by the Democrats, Trump owns the national debt, Trump will own the tanking economy (regardless of the cause), and Trump is a weak and insecure individual!

In fact, these recent comments show the fear and concerns of the Trump base that is trying to tell themselves that hell is not getting hotter, that Trump cannot be defeated, and things are going to continue just as they have been for the past three (plus) years.

What if these individuals are mistaken and I am correct?

Absolutely Positively

Yes, you nailed us. We didn't fear the world's smartest woman who was going to beat Trump in a landslide, but we're just TERRIFIED of a doddering old man who's in a perpetual state of confusion.

I know the truth

Jane only the really old that get scared easy and only get news from the big 3 or cnn or true idiots believe what you think. Actually could be both


Joe Biden IS Senile. How in the world can people put the faith of the Nation, the Military, the Economy. etc etc etc in the hands of a man who doesn't know where he is half the time, says he is Running for Senator, and if you don't like it to vote for the Other Biden, say what?!

He even called HIMSELF O'Biden under the Bama administration, say what Joe?

You may not like TRUMP but he IS Succeeding. The Economy is great, Unemployment is down and No New WARS!

VOTE TRUMP 2020 or feel the pain of the far-left Authoritarianism or simply failed ideology of the democrats.

Absolutely Positively

"Sure Biden frequently displays symptoms of senility by forgetting where he is and what he's doing, and he's got that fetish where he sniffs hair, and he bites his wife's finger mid-speech, but HEY TRUMP SAID NOT TO PANIC ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS."

Good luck trying to convince America that Biden should be taken seriously.

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