The Biden administration calls the situation at the border a “challenge,” but truthfully it is a disaster. Of course, the liberal media and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have remained silent and seem not to worry if “the caged children are drinking from toilets!” Undoubtedly this ill-advised policy will result in unnecessary human suffering and tremendous economic burden for the United States. Is there a limit as to how many immigrants the current administration would allow to enter the U.S. with this policy?

Currently, about 180 million people are living in Central America. The average annual income in those countries is about $8,000, meaning roughly 60% (about 100 million) of them are in poverty. Considering the fact that we spend about $30,000 (welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, children education) on each immigrant family, it’s obvious that millions of these people would love to come to our country, especially with Biden’s welcoming invitation!

In this time of economic strain and rising national debt due to COVID, do we need to allow so many immigrants to enter this country?

Democrats consistently claim their immigration policies are adopted because “this is who we are, and it’s humane.” Well, if the reason is benevolence, why don’t we bring the poor people and hungry children in Africa, Asia and other poor countries also? Certainly the corrupt rulers and the drug cartels are responsible for the poverty and the insecurity of the people in Central American countries. Wouldn’t it be more prudent for the U.S. to mobilize the Organization of the American States, clean up those places (the same way that during the 1980s Panama was invaded and Manuel Noriega was captured) and establish a safe zone for these people in their own countries?

Well, common sense is not that common!

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green