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I have posted here and other places the following questions. Just how does a man involved in a shooting in broad daylight leave the scene and just go home,not arrested,no blood drawn and ends up on paid leave ? I to think "American Icon" is a tad much and I find it amusing perhaps even hypocritical how many "Officials" are hiding behind the statement "Under Investigation".

The Voter / Taxpayers are due an explanation and being under investigation or not the public are certainly entitled to the truth. The longer this situation goes the bigger and more exaggerated the conspiracy theories become which solves nothing and helps no one.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer / Vet


I know of both, neither well, I think using American Icon is a little much however. there is always two sides to every story, we have heard nothing about that story , of the incident that day. I am sure the details will come out and we will understand the actions of both men better. It is very sad that it happened, but none of us can say what we would or would not do in a given situation. I think the coverage of this has been one sided and over the top. We have good people all around us ,that upon their death, will receive only an obit in the paper. There is something very odd about this whole thing.

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