It is a statement that a city, county, a location supports fairness for all citizens. A fairness ordinance supports equal rights for all citizens. A fairness ordinance demands equal justice under the law for all citizens. A fairness ordinance is commitment to citizens. It is a statement that all citizens will be considered, no one will be left out when it comes to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why then is Bowling Green the only major city in Kentucky that cannot get a fairness ordinance stated? I was at several meetings when the issue was presented, only to be voted down by some of the elected city commissioners. Commissioners elected to represent all the people, who simply decided to pick and choose which citizens would be allowed their guaranteed rights as Americans.

Good citizens of Bowling Green made pleas for the fairness ordinance. Some commissioners heard and were moved to vote for the ordinance, but some simply refused. Understand the commissioners don’t have to explain their vote. One commissioner did state, however, that citizens hadn’t suffered enough for him to vote for fairness.

Denning, Parrigin and Williams consistently voted NO on the fairness ordinance. Evidently, they have no need to represent all the citizens of Bowling Green. If they are able to deny fairness to citizens of Bowling Green, do they really represent us?

They will fly the American flag. They will smile and pretend to care about your needs and rights, but their vote of NO on the fairness ordinance reveals a very unAmerican attitude.

We the citizens of Bowling Green, will elect four commissioners this fall. I urge you to vote for true representation for all American citizens. Don’t be fooled by candidates who don’t believe in equal rights for us all.

Anna Sue Heller

Bowling Green

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Le Ecrivain

This is my last response here. It's a new time in America, with the same problems, but new time for some. We have black supremacists on one side, and LGBT+Black supremacists on the other. This is why I quit voting. Literally everyone in positions of power seemingly wants poverty for the heterosexual white boy children's fathers. Econobot broke down. Parameter Estimator fritzed out because of weariness battling corruption. That fishy Russian left without any fanfare. These are my choices. Leaders who specifically wanted natural born white male citizens to have to work in other towns, and leaders who want LGBT to be able to sue locally to ensure the hetero white men who didn't have to work in another town get fired first. Half a dozen of one, six of the other. Peace out.

Absolutely Positively

Lots of people spoke in favor of such an ordinance the last time it was up for a vote. No one made allegations of suffering from discrimination that the ordinance would supposedly address.


The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. – Aristotle

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