Some people are inclined to set moral standards for others and these days many politicians and leaders in our country are in this category. Almost every day we are warned about the dangers of global warming and the evil of over-use of fossil fuel. The Biden administration has closed our pipelines and imposed moratorium on leasing the public lands for oil and gas exploration to improve the climate quality. The result has been soaring prices of food and other vital commodities. As good citizens, we have been told to drive our automobiles as less as possible, buy expensive electric cars, use public transportation, heat and cool our homes to a minimum and when possible ride a bicycle to work.

All the above measures might improve the quality of the environment to some extent, if the other industrial countries such as China, Russia and India also abide by the same restrictions. But ironically the Biden administration is lobbying Russia and Persian Gulf countries to pump more oil! How will this policy reduce the greenhouse effect? John Kerry, our climate czar, aboard CO2-emitting jets frequently attends international seminars on global warming. During this year alone his own private jet has made 16 trips to various destinations. President Joe Biden visited Rome with 85 motor vehicles, ahead of the global warming summit in Glasgow, Scotland. A parade of private jets, along with expensive aircraft of Jeff Bezos, flew to the same conference!

These hypocritical individuals rationalize their own environmentally-hazardous activities through a gimmick called carbon offset, which simply means doing “something” to reduce CO2 while producing it! Apparently “talking” about climate change actually offsets the deleterious effects of the fumes from their private jets. Do they expect us to believe this? Unfortunately, many Americans believe this charade, and this is the real problem.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green

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