For eight years President Barack Obama apologized to the rest of the world about past misdeeds of the U.S. and now President Joe Biden has started another round of apologies in reference to the racism in this country. Anthony Blinken, our current secretary of state, during his address to the UN invited the Human Rights Commission’s representatives to come and see for themselves “How bad is America!”

It is quite ironic that this commission includes members from China, Russia, Cuba and Ukraine, where their governments control the media, put the critics of the government in jail and poison the political rivals.

One wonders what facts about misdeeds these UN representatives are looking for in the U.S.? Are these investigators suppose to agree with Biden that the new voting regulations in Texas and a few other states are proposed with race in mind? Anybody studying these measures will realize that all the voting requirements will apply equally to all citizen voters and are similar to the majority of the European and many countries around the world. Are these provisions “an assault on democracy and Jim Crow 2.0,” as Biden claims? If a voter ID is required, why do the liberal Democrats believe the poor minorities are less able than poor Whites to obtain one?

Analogy is a powerful tool for communication. However, with analogy we compare two things that are comparable in significant respects. Comparing a voter ID to Jim Crow laws is hyperbole and in effect minimizing the atrocities that were associated with those inhuman measures. The trouble with hyperbole is that the people who utter them lose the confidence of those with whom they try to communicate.

Voting is a constitutional right, but there’s nothing in the constitution that requires the government must make voting easy for the citizens.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green

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