I am writing regarding the ongoing public controversy concerning the removal of statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy. The argument that I most often hear is that by removing these statues, we are “erasing our history,” creating a false narrative for future generations. I would like to offer a differing view.

One of the courses I took while in seminary was called “The Ethics of Memorials.” For each class, the professor presented slides of various memorials – buildings, statues, plaques – and explained the reasons that each was constructed. In no case was the reason to preserve history. Memorial statues serve the purpose of public ethics, to lift up those things we most cherish and honor, preserving them for future generations. They are not neutral commemorations of historical events. They exist to publicly demonstrate that which we hold most dear.

Some claim that the purpose of the Confederacy was to fight for the right of states to determine their own destiny, free of the dictates of a larger power, the Union. Those apologists often don’t recognize or choose to ignore the fact that the wealth of the South was based on the ability to enslave persons of another race – to own them, use them and abuse them as they wished, to deny them their autonomy, to deny them even their humanity. Statues which publicly honor the “heroes” of the Confederacy publicly support, honor and cherish ideals of dehumanization and brutality against our fellow human beings, our Black brothers and sisters.

Is this what we wish to honor? Surely not. Museums are the place for recognizing history, explaining it and placing it in context. If the charter and mission of the Kentucky Museum allow, I believe it would be a fitting place to study these statues and for us all to learn from the mistakes of our past.

Peter Connolly

Bowling Green

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Enough Already 2

If I were to ever take Eric Wheeler seriously, something that I seriously doubt, I would have to assume that if God has ordained trump as the savior of our country at this moment in time, then it will definitely be God's will if the incompetent president is defeated and the Democrat Socialist are given their turn to save the country. This is the only plausible logic.

But wait, enough already will have us believe that another set of rules is inserted into the formula in a situation such as this. As one can see, God and her wishes can only be defined in a manner that corresponds to how enough already wishes things to be explained.

As I try to follow Mr. Wheeler and his "enough already" philosophy and or theology, I cannot help but think that this individual is trying to play outside of his league! As you read the back and forth between Koheleth and EA, I am sure that you, like me, probably and properly assume that EA / Eric Wheeler is nothing more than a simple ultracrepidarian.

What say ye?

Enough Already


As I told you before, I still think you're an idiot but thanks for asking, again. (No offense) Thanks for confirming that for us though.

Just for future reference God is a "he" and NOT a "her" as your homosexual, transgender, pan-sexual friends have told you. No place in the Bible will you find a female pronoun when referring to God.

Really, you are such simpleton to be so opinionated. It doesn't work well for you.


EA-2, Your perusal of these exchanges is appreciated. Your praxis is invaluable. Your employment of ultracrepidarian to describe EA's continual epistemic laxity garners you bonus points.

I extend a toast to you from afar, and wish you and yours a good evening.

Enough Already

Only pompous asses play the game of surf the dictionary. You are locked in a dead heat with Ernie but I predict you will be the eventual winner and crowned "Supreme Pompous Ass". You have so much more practice.


When even the most simple of phrases elude you it's probably best to just keep your fingers away from the keys. We wouldn't want the readers to get the right idea about you now would we there big guy?


Enough Already

Hey Pete

You are right to say your's is just a differing opinion and I'll add Dead Wrong!. This is history and we shouldn't have to go to a museum to know about it. The fact is BLM are MARXISTS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCghDx5qN4s&feature=youtu.be (PROOF AT 7 minute mark) They don't care what statues they tear down having now attacked, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, (you remember him, he freed the slaves) US Grant who famously wrote to his father an abolitionist after Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter: “My inclination is to whip the rebellion into submission, preserving all Constitutional rights. If it cannot be whipped any other way than through a war against slavery, let it come to that legitimately. If it is necessary that slavery should fall that the Republic may continue its existence, let slavery go.” Francis Scott Key, Churchill, Gandhi and a statue of a priest, St. Junipero Serra were also torn down among others. Pete you are just another compromising coward! These people still think you’re a racist. They just think you are a spineless one. This was all predicted.

George Orwell wrote a novel icalled1984. EXCERPT: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

This is our future with cowards like you being "reasonable"

Almost everyone who reads “1984” makes the same mistake. They think they must be represented by Winston, the protagonist who senses the evil. It never occurs to them that they are far more likely to be almost everyone else.

This was never about the confederacy, or slavery, or racism. It was always about destroying the very concept of America and replacing it with a Marxist utopia. That’s who you are compromising with. You are either with them and a Marxist or a coward. Which is it?


Hey EA,

Why is it that people such as yourself always mention Orwell's 1984, even though they probably haven't even read it, (just as they do with the Bible) in an attempt to make a point when essentially everything that he wrote about in that book seems a caricature of every current Trump supporter? I mean, it's a brute fact that a large portion of the Trump base have an aversion to reading damn near anything. They view activities like book learning as 'liberal' and 'elitists'.

Remember, he loves the poorly educated for a reason. They continue to believe his doublespeak and adhere to group doublethink. You know, like those Q crackpots of which you probably agree.

Besides, I personally think Huxley was probably a little closer to the truth given the trending state of affairs.

Enough Already


So you got all the way down to 1984 and that's all you have? Your sweeping generalization of the Trump base is ridiculous and simply not true anymore than all democrat supporters are socialist zombies, but that last part is becoming less clear everyday as they continue to elect more radical nutballs every year.

Like most conservatives I read a lot as well as research things I am unfamiliar with, but unlike yourself I don't restrict my reading only to writers I agree with nor have I majored on becoming a professional student in lieu of doing something useful. There are far too many "educated know it alls" without any practical life experiences that portend to tell the rest of us how it should go. Congress is full of these types who have never done anything useful but were elected young and decided to make a career out of telling other people what to do. This is especially prevalent on the democrat side of the aisle with my current favorite example being AOC. I read atheists and communists like yourself also. For the record, I've read both books. 1984 is a perfect example of today's left attempting to seize power by destroying everything that came before. The democrats have created a permanent victim class and the Marxist BLM and ANTIFA exploit that and act as their military arm.

There really is none as blind as those who refuse to see.

The Bible describes a last days scenario much like what is happening presently here and around the world. You can read headlines and see where they jump off the pages of the Bible. I would imagine Pete was smoking weed the days they covered prophecy at the seminary,but then he is not a Christian. He's a universalist which is a complete waste of time.


No sir. It has been demonstrated that you are intellectually dishonest, and either totally lack the capacity for, or perhaps just outright choose to forfeit critical thinking in favor of emotionally gratifying BS.

Enough Already

Not at all. That's just the frustrated old commie intellectual coming out of you.


"Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it."

From George Orwell's; Why I Write

Orwell is not your ally here boss.

Enough Already

"As I understand it" is they key here.

Obviously he didn't completely understand it. Democratic socialism is just a bump in the road on the way to totalitarianism.

The goal of socialism is communism. ~ Vladimir Lenin


I see. So Orwell 'as he wrote and understood' was actually promoting an adherence to The Party, and it was the beliefs of Winston that he was actually cautioning against?!

Yeah... Analytic logic has never been your strong suit. You continue to take the Gold Medal when it comes to the Olympic level mental gymnastics you will perform in order to 'completely understand' and still be so damn wrong.

Enough Already

Count me not surprised you understood nothing. Your leftist "group think" allows you to ignore the obvious while stressing the irrelevant. I’m saying Orwell apparently did not understand that the ultimate goal of socialism is communism, or do you think communism is somehow not totalitarian? In other words, socialism is the gateway drug to communism.

I thought it was quite plain that one of the fathers of communism stated plainly that the goal of socialism (even designer socialism) is communism. To digest it for you into a useful form, socialism will eventually morph into communism even if that is not the immediate goal, but it most certainly is the goal in this case.

Clueless young people of all colors have been duped into supporting a slogan based on a lie with a not so obvious underlying theme of violent overthrow of the government. Lenin put into practice, “Useful Idiots” and intended his useful idiots as foot soldiers who would push revolution in every country, co-opting and subverting democratic processes, fomenting strikes, recruiting secret armies, and most of all, generating propaganda for cover of their real goals. The leaders of BLM (and) ANTIFA are both Marxists. The evidence speaks for itself. Get your fingers out of your ears.

You probably missed this the 1st time so here it is again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCghDx5qN4s&feature=youtu.be (PROOF AT 7 minute mark)


Let's just move my diagnosis from above down here and add to your deficiencies, of which you obviously and erroneously view as merits, your affection for MEGA, or is it MAGA(?) doses of projection.

Analytic logic has never been your strong suit. You continue to take the Gold Medal when it comes to the Olympic level mental gymnastics you will perform in order to 'completely understand' and still be so damn wrong.

Carry on my wayward goofball.

Enough Already

Your frustrated old commie intellectual is coming out again.

As a true leftist you continue to ignore the obvious and stress the irrelevant while engaging in distraction. Your non-arguments are getting old but I have to ask, are you also endorsing the useful idiots? BLM leaders? ANTIFA?

Speak loudly now, for the record!


For the record those two things are off topic as it pertains to the original subject, but sure, I'll proffer my two cents regardless.

BLM has legitimate grievances and the methods being employed, although in principle not something I can wholly endorse, do seem to be effective in practice. Meaning, it has everyone's attention.

AntiFa is a boogie man in my opinion. I mean think about it. Are they a bunch of basement dwelling liberal LGBTQ+ snowflake soy-boy beta cucks, or are they one of the most dangerous 'terrorist' organizations in America?

You guys can't have it both ways.

In all honesty you anti-BLM, anti-AntiFa (dwell on that one for a minute) guys are the ones looking like cowards. I get it, you're scared to death of these people. That is precisely why it is you and those of same mindset who are in fact the useful idiots. That adherence to a mentally defective emotionally predicated reaction allows Con men like Trump to ascend to power only to exacerbate the systemic problems we've been through ad-nauseum. Rinse and repeat. Learn some freaking history for Petes sake. Real history, you know, from actual historians. Not that David Barton, Fox 'news', OANN conspiratorial pseudo-historical BS.

If you want to talk about AntiFa Google Normandy France 1944. There's your AntiFa.

I know it goes against every fibre of your being, but at least give a concerted effort towards not continually promoting yourself as a stooge.

Enough Already

So, you seem to think ANTIFA is homegrown and a one and only. I’m glad you brought up the original ANTIFA because the clowns over here have modeled themselves after the original including their flag and it has nothing to do with the allies in 1944, but I get your point. https://commonsenseevaluation.com/2017/08/16/antifa-flag-comes-directly-from-the-german-communist-party-in-1932/#sthash.AO70PlFk.0hHVqYDQ.dpbs How’s that for coincidence?

I know this comes as a surprise to you because you thought they were freedom fighters but they really are communists. They and the self described marxists of BLM have co-opted peaceful protests to overthrow the government and smug self-satisfied people like yourself seem happy about it. This is the reason I don’t live in large cities, too many idiots voting for democrats. They tear down statues and destroy cities, democrats allow it to happen, and you defend them. Now they want to abolish the police. I don’t think that is going to happen but useful idiots that object to that after the fact would be the first to receive their brand of “social justice”. Something similar is going on right now in the so-called Seattle autonomous zone or as the communist mayor of Seattle referred to it, “the summer of love”, except now she says they will have to retake that portion of the capitol city of Washington state. It seems people are being murdered and police have been banned. If it was not so sad it would be hilarious that democrats are this kind of stupid, but it is still entertaining.


NOTE: I know they are confusing for you but those long unbroken strings of letters and numbers are called links. If you left click on them they will take you to information you have never been exposed to before.


PJ Media; Overall, we rate PJ Media to be Questionable based on extreme right wing bias, promotion of propaganda and conspiracies as well as numerous failed fact checks.

Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Poor Sourcing, Failed Fact Checks

"antifa-flag-comes-directly-from-the-german-communist-party-in-1932/#sthash.AO70PlFk.0hHVqYDQ.dpbs How’s that for coincidence?"

It's not, because that's factually incorrect.


Before you attempt to smear the source look to the ratings for yours above and compare to mine below.

Snopes; Least Biased based on infrequent stories that favor the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting based on transparency and proper sourcing of information.

Carry on being the useful idiot as you wish. I personally have an aversion to BS, but I do derive a modicum of joy by calling out its purveyors as time permits.

Enough Already

SNOPES; Overall, we rate SNOPES as completely biased, based on obvious extreme left wing bias, promotion of propaganda, and many articles where the evidence is so overwhelmingly that they equivocate their ratings as: undetermined, mostly false, mostly true, all to prevent hurting leftist causes or people.

Reasoning: Extreme left, Propaganda, equivocation, Intentionally Poorly Sourced, Fact Checks Relying On Other Left Leaning Organizations, and most recently, CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN, AGAIN!

Before you attempt to smear this source realize that it is ACTUAL VIDEO from one of your preferred “news” sources, CNN. ANTIFA flag appears at 1:54 and 3:05 in violent “protests” in the USA. NOTE: It looks nothing like the BS put out by far left liar Snopes.


Carry on being the useful idiot as you wish. I enjoy watching you try to squirm out of unimpeachable fact.


Pulled another one out of your rear end again we can see, or do you have a reliable source for us to do a fact check on your banal chatter?

As to your video, according to the time stamps you recommended I didn't see any semblance of this communist German flag. I did however see the same one that was included in the bottom of the Snopes article on the topic, but even it states; 'Antifa consists of a loose network of like-minded groups but has no central organizing body. As such, it’s difficult to determine if anything that could fairly be called an “official” Antifa flag exists. The group does, however, commonly use variations of the following logo... Considering this medium does not allow for pictures, you'll just have to revisit the article. You know, the one that proves you to be the purveyor of misinformation and outright falsehoods.

Besides, I thought your type was all about CNN being fake news? Not that I care either way considering that I don't derive my information from that source. But then again, you do have a habit of lying if you think it will help bolster your pathetic attempts at appearing intelligently informed.

Enough Already

You really are dumber than a bag of rocks and twice as dense. That is the flag that Rose City ANTIFA uses and they are all over in the video. You split hairs about this because you have been beat yet again. All these groups call themselves ANTIFA and they all dress the same and are all violent. They are all chapters off the original, something even a ninny like you should be able to admit but can’t because you are too invested in lying for the left. That is the flag in the article that you say does not belong to ANTIFA but is a reverse image with the same colors of the one from Germany’s original ANTIFA and was in the 1st link I posted. Snopes says no and CNN says yes with video proof. One more time for the mentally challenged:


ANTIFA flag appears at 1:54 and 3:05 in violent “protests” in the USA. NOTE: It looks nothing like the BS put out by far left liar Snopes. You can also see it on a Rose City ANTIFA tee shirt at 51 seconds in. Have you always been this stupid or is it a recent occurrence?


You should probably stick to your echo chambers Eric. Granted, you won't find much in the way of contribution to intellectual growth, but certainly much more comfort awaits you there.

The record is on display for all to see. Let the reader decide.

Enough Already

ANTIFA was created as opposition to the NAZIS in Germany. You are trying to equate NAZIS with ANTIFA. They are two different groups but they both want to violently usurp government for their own agenda. BLM and ANTIFA are blood brothers. Both are communists. You on the other hand, are just a useful idiot...

Enough Already

I encourage them to read the string and open the links. By the way, you just think my name is Eric, but like everything else you post you're wrong about that as well but I do consider that a compliment. I bid you farewell my misguided friend. Until I defeat you again, KY


"I encourage them to read the string and open the links."

As do I. I would also advise anyone who has followed this thread to read up on Three Arrows, a symbol AntiFa employs as well. Historical context has import certainly, but this group is not the boogie man persons such as EA wish to portray it to be. His schtick is Fear Mongering 101 because it is what his handlers have found efficacious on him.

Sound education will always be the best defense against irrational eruptions of collective hate.

Enough Already

You just can't fix stupid as Koheleth demonstrates regularly.

This is what ANTIFA is responsible for. Nobody is reporting on this.



Yeah, nobody except the plethora of news organizations (why...even the big MSM 'fake' ones did) and Facebook/Twitter/YouTube contributors who reported on it roughly three and some weeks ago.

But nope, nobody has reported on it, and AntiFa has accepted full responsibility for their actions and has offered to reimburse for all plywood related expenses.

And considering that we appear to be living in a world where anyone can make up anything and expect everyone else to accept it, I rest my case.

Nobody refutes EA better than he does himself.

Good day all. (Even you Eric, sorry...I mean EA)

Enough Already

There is nothing like presenting violent anarchy as peaceful protests and pretending it represents all encompassing reporting. This is what the MSM does. They accentuate “peaceful” while showing a couple of pictures of the damage but they present it in such a way that you would think it was no more serious than a car accidently plowing into a store front. Context is important and they play down damage and violence with interviews from idiots with masks on defending their actions as righteous.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube contributors are doing what serious reporting there is on actual violence and damage but it does not get the play of legacy media and this is by design. External reporting wouldn’t be necessary if there was a genuine effort from so-called “news” organizations but there is not. They are filling this void in truthful information as best they can.

I must have missed that clip where ANTIFA says “they will reimburse for all plywood related expenses.” Not surprised you didn’t post a link for that lie, but even if they did it was not genuine. I’d like to see the evidence that they have indeed given money to everybody who suffered broken windows for their criminal rioting. We both know they have not or you would have posted some evidence. How about they took some “responsibility” for something besides plywood like burned out and looted stores? They won’t for the same reason they aren’t reimbursing anyone for the plywood much less the expensive windows they broke, it was never anything but a publicity stunt if it exists at all. These people belong in prison doing hard time. You make up anything and expect everyone else to accept it but rational people know you are a liar through and through. You deal in half-truths, bald face lies and a complicit media determined to shill for the hard left regardless of the damage to the country.

You are nothing more than a communist sympathizer with no shame or ethics or you could not continue to defend these violent criminals with your BS excuses.



Enough Already

Koheleth says: Good Bye Cruel World!



“This was never about the confederacy, or slavery, or racism. It was always about destroying the very concept of America and replacing it with a Marxist utopia. That’s who you are compromising with.“ - Yes, you’re right.

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