What will it take?

Texas freezes, the northwest bakes, the midwest floods and the southwest shrivels up. It's the proverbial broken record with every recent year filled with "once in a century" weather events. Despite them, many in Washington remain focused on apparently more "pressing" matters of state such as the pursuit of fantastical conspiracy theories and making Jan. 6 disappear. There is certainly no time for addressing issues that threaten peace and prosperity when power, prestige and their reelection is at stake. A global change in climate with ever-increasing risks for agriculture, shelter and world stability will have to wait!

Thousands died before Congress addressed the adverse health effects of smoking and the risks of vehicles without seat belts. Millions of lives are at risk with climate change if not addressed, yet the Republican Party has apparently decided that their reelection in four years is simply more important. While the most of the rest of the industrial world modifies their economy to adjust to a low carbon emission future, our congressional representatives are getting callouses on their knuckles from keeping their hands in the pockets. It's the usual strategy, don't do anything about it and the sheep, er people, will become acclimated to our inaction. It's a tried and proven strategy as is the "how could we have known" defense when things go south; a 40 year documentation of greenhouse gas consequences not withstanding.

That being said, some congressmen have very recently submitted legislation addressing this issue, in particular, House Bill 2307. Consider leaving your comfort zone and reading that piece of legislation, and follow that by prodding your representatives to take action.

All our voices are required to tackle this very complicated issue.

Let's not be tomorrow's Neanderthals.

Gary Verst

Bowling Green

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