This letter should be addressed to our mathematically challenged politicians and media. Each day we hear reports of an increased number of new cases of COVID-19, and of course of politicians who want drastic measures to stop the spread.

During the first week in July the number of tests administered was between seven and 10 times the number of tests done on any day in May, nationwide. Simple math: If you test 1 percent of the population and get 1,000 positive cases, then if you test 10 percent of the population, you should have 10,000 positive cases. So, in reality, if the number of new cases has doubled while we are testing 10 times as many people, that means the infection rate has plummeted downward.

There are only two realistic reasons for politicians to PANIC over the increase in positive cases: 1. They are mathematically challenged and do not understand that this is good news!

2. They are using the raw numbers as an excuse to seize more power that is NOT Constitutionally theirs.

Edmond V. Schwab, Sr.


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And, McConnel's push for liability shields on that should make him loose the election. The only barrier to the unmitigated failure of nursing homes with regards to covid is the avalance of law suits when they failed to stop the deaths of tens of thousands. They want to shield all those medical people because they were doing what their governor's told them. That didn't work at Nuremberg, and it shouldn't work in American nursing homes.

Dr. Strangelove

Well said. The latter is their goal. They want power and the people be damned.

A Kindred Spirit

You can run your own numbers any way you like, but 4.1 million positive cases (about 1.25% of the overall U.S. population, by the way), and 145,000 deaths is not good news. And according to Johns Hopkins University, the current overall U.S. positivity rate is 6.57%, which is also not good news. When did trying to save human lives become a power play? Would you actually prefer that our elected officials and the media just ignore a deadly virus that's spreading like wildfire? You know, dead people don't pay taxes.


A huge share of the deaths were in nursing homes in states led by Democrat governors except for Kentucky. The difference is visible in Florida, which didn't have a lock down at all comparable to New York, and with vastly more cases, has vastly fewer deaths. almost a third of the deaths from COVID in the United States were because of despotic tyrants ordering confirmed Covid patients into nursing homes. Would they order people with a confirmed influenza back into a nursing home, or have them remain in the hospital until it had cleared? Florida had 5 children die of confirmed Flu in Weeks 29-30, 2019:7/14/19-7/27/19. Three children have died with confirmed Sars2 this entire year. School restrictions are clearly not reasonablly predicated upon risk to children because Sars2 data seems to indicate less danger to children than a typical influenza. We must preserve the right to vaccine exemptions and data is the only way to do that. We live in a time of rhetoric and the rhetoric does not agree with mathematics.

Enough Already

"You know, dead people don't pay taxes."

No they don't and neither do shuttered businesses and people forcefully separated from their jobs because politicians and bureaucrats want the economy to tank to prevent the president from getting re-elected. That is all this is about in the United States. Other nations including the schools have reopened despite the plague not being completely stamped out because they realize dead economies are much more dangerous than a fraction of a percent of the population dying. We have seen the death numbers skewed over and over and it is still going on. We read reports of it every day including in Kentucky.

Now that DEMOCRAT governors are no longer putting people recovering with the plague in nursing homes where the highest mortality rate for COVID is, the percentage of deaths will continue to decline. The procedures for dealing with this plague are also much better and the survival rate is way up from March of this year.

This is fear porn being spread by democrats and their propaganda arms, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WAPO.

A Kindred Spirit

From the link you sited, "Global Covid-19 Case Fatality Rates – a lay summary," which was published two months ago: "Disclaimer: the article has not been peer-reviewed; it should not replace individual clinical judgement and the sources cited in the original report should be checked. The views expressed in this commentary represent an interpretation by HealthWatch and do not necessarily represent those of Oxford CEBM, the NHS, the NIHR, or the Department of Health and Social Care." The Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center provides constantly updated worldwide statistics rather than commentary, and reports a current U.S. mortality rate of 3.5%. Not exactly a survival rate we should be proud of.


Well done AKS. EA is a known liar. Call him out at every opportunity.

Enough Already

While we would all love to trust our alphabet health agencies they are not to be trusted. They have demonstrated that they will lie and falsify studies to promote new expensive drugs over legacy drugs because they are profitable and they don't care who dies to make it happen. The gullible eat this stuff up but not everyone is that big of fish.

More recently is this exposure of truth that leaves no doubt what is going on in the pharmaceutical world.

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