Revolution! Anarchy! Words that describe Antifa's co-opting of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement has given up on its core values and objectives by letting Antifa control its so-called peaceful protests and demonstrations. In the course of abdicating its goals to Antifa, BLM has become a movement steeped in violence. Rioting, looting, arson, assaults on police, the integral role that assault weapons play in its protests are statements that white institutions are by definition racist and should be torn down. Justification of these devices as a form of reparations is ludicrous.

Not only has BLM lost its way, it has become a racist movement. Now BLM is decrying the integration of neighborhoods, saying white people should not be able to buy homes in traditionally black (segregated) parts of town. Integrated housing has long been a hallmark of the civil rights movement, but now integration is to be forbidden and Blacks should have complete autonomy in segregated communities. White-, Arab- and Asian-owned businesses, for example, should be expelled (forcibly) from Black areas of town. Anarchy is to prevail as police forces are abolished and no one is left to protect those who do not ascribe to BLM's purposes and aims. Murder and violent crimes will run rampant throughout cities, especially in predominantly Black neighborhoods.

The corruption of BLM's core principles is further evident by calls (by a black college professor in Chicago) to eliminate history from all curricula. This goal is at cross-purposes with itself. No history means that there will be no study of Martin Luther King Jr., Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman and thousands of other Blacks of unequalled accomplishment. We will no longer study slavery, the slave trade and the plantation culture and its abuses of Blacks. Nor the study of Jim Crow laws and legal segregation.

Thomas Lobenstein



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BLM is a Marxist organization, whose goals are NOT Justice nor Equality, but Power and conflict. They want to tear down the American system and rebuild it in their ideological view. They are regressive in the nature of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties.


I don't like to be perceived as being adversarial. There is enough room in this country for all of us! Please do not continue your setting up of conflicts between groups especially when you intmate that blacks can be so easily influenced as was in the Joe Biden article.

Enough Already

And yet until Donald Trump came along black people (with rare exception) dependably voted democrat as if mesmerized by their promises year after year. Many still do despite the overwhelming evidence the dems have played them for suckers every election. Biden knew that which was why he was so confident he would get no blow-back when he said what he did. The media also says the black vote is all locked up by democrats and Biden was agreeing based on decades of election results.


Only an idiot who never read BLM's core values, which are clearly displayed on their website would think they lost or gave up or corrupted anything. One of their core values is quite literally the destruction of the concept of the nuclear family.

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