Lost trust and confidence are not easily replaceable. Unfortunately, many Americans have lost their trust and confidence in the politicians and scientists, and their often-contradictory recommendations, about COVID-19.

Undoubtedly, COVID is a serious disease and the benefits of vaccination are proven. However, during the presidential campaign of 2020 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris warned against vaccination because it was recommended by Donald Trump, as if he himself was concocting the vaccines in the basement of the White House!

Initially one vaccine was necessary for adequate protection against the virus. Then it became two, and now a booster is being recommended. Up to a few months ago, the risk of infection for young children was considered low, but now masks and vaccinations for them is advocated. While many children in private schools seem to be safe without masks and vaccination, the children in public schools are subject to these unpleasant measures.

Many Americans are totally confused about mandatory vaccinations. Some companies have laid off their unvaccinated workers, but the companies with less than 100 employees are apparently exempt, as if the virus discriminates which individual to attack. In some cities, the hospitals are laying off their unvaccinated staff, while the other hospitals in those communities are not doing the same. The unvaccinated employees who were caring for the patients several months ago, when the COVID infection was rampant, are now considered harmful to the patients and their co-workers! The members of the Congress and their staff have been exempt from mandatory vaccinations. Apparently the unvaccinated postal workers can work, but must be tested weekly, although we know they can still transmit the virus. And the list goes on.

All sensible people respect scientific principles, but the mixture of science, politics, and business interests makes a pill that would be hard to swallow.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green

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