Daily News does good work on state marker

I am so pleased that the Daily News continues to keep up with the Confederate State Capital of Kentucky historical marker that is presently being hidden away at the Kentucky Department of Highways District 3 storage facility.

Supposedly there were complaints from some who were made to feel “uncomfortable” with its public display on Western Kentucky University’s campus, where it had stood for many years.

I do not doubt this as there are those who feel a little dirty when exposed to historical facts, especially those that point out truths from our past we had just as soon forget.

No one is postulating a return to the Confederacy with the posting of this marker, just the fact that Bowling Green was the Confederate state capital, a historical fact that is of interest to many. And removing the sign doesn’t change a thing except in the minds of a few effete snobs.

They think if it is out of sight it will eventually be out of mind.

And that’s why I’m happy the Daily News is keeping their feet to the fire!

David Gordon

Bowling Green

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