Simply amazing. Once again, the editorial staff sticks their foot into their own mouth.

It’s bad enough they do not understand the basics of symbolism, of which editorial cartoons are full of. Yet, they decide to pull down the Lexington Herald-Leader's own Puliter Prize-winning political cartoonist Joel Pett for creating a cartoon denouncing the racist ideology of Donald Trump and criticizes Daniel Cameron along for the ride. This, according to the BGDN editorial board, is racist.

“Could you imagine the outrage that this cartoon would have caused if it was published in a right-leaning newspaper, attacking a Democratic president and a person of color?” The editorial board asked.

I can – just look through your own history of attacks.

Sept. 11, 2019: “Illegal immigration, MS-13 need to be dealt with." Savages, gangsters, thugs – all words you use to describe a small fraction of individuals that Trump has used to demonize an entire race. All of those words have severe racial connotations. But somehow I don’t think Cameron will be too upset.

Oct. 4, 2019: “Taxpayers shouldn't pay for sex changes.” You then repeat the same line over and over. That a life-changing, and in many cases, life-saving surgery, is somehow elective. That all of this is somehow a choice. It’s a strange choice given that the Human Rights Campaign found that 28 transgender women were killed in 2018 alone for that "choice," with another 22 so far in 2019 – most of whom are women of color.

But no, let's focus on the KKK robes in Pett's cartoon. Just don’t wait too long for your Pulitzer.

Aaron Shuford

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

When your perspective originates from a democrat pinhole in a newspaper it is difficult to see without the color of political bias, but this is an amazingly dumb letter, even for an ignorant lib.

Absolutely Positively

You're approaching peak wokeness when your efforts to justify the cartoon are the whataboutisms of "You said that some illegal immigrants are bad!" and "How dare you say that sex-change operations shouldn't be paid for by taxpayers DEAD PEOPLE OF HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION COLOR!!!!"


As the youth would say, "Oh snap! BGDN just got put on blast."

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