The Second City Comedy Club is normally associated with Chicago, but recently Washington, D.C., has become the home of world’s leading comedy club – namely the House of Representatives Democratic caucus, most notably the majority party on the Intelligence Committee.

Led by the infamous pair of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, the Democrats have launched into a fictional mission impossible: impeaching President Donald J. Trump. They can’t seem to lay a glove on him by finding him indictable on treason, high crimes and (high) misdemeanors and bribery. He has committed nothing more than poor judgment, bombast and megalomania. The president is indeed narcissistic and egocentric, but he has committed no impeachable offense.

He did not demand a quid pro quo from Ukraine, and what if he did? Give and take is the essence of negotiations, whether it’s international politics, corporate and business negotiations, professional sports, marriage or any other relationship. He is not guilty of the latest made up charge by Schiff, bribery, because the Bidens were not investigated by the Ukrainians and the foreign aid authorized by Congress was indeed forthcoming. If anyone was guilty of bribery, or extortion, it was Vice President Joe Biden, who threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor was removed, and Hunter Biden was given a pass.

There also was no obstruction of justice. James Comey was removed from the directorship of the FBI for cause – he committed perjury, malfeasance of office (the FISA brouhaha), and Democrat partisanship (perhaps violating the Hatch Act). Other of his minions were likewise fired or forced out of their positions for similar violations of the spirit of the law, if not of the law itself.

Meanwhile, the second act of the Democratic comedy show is the race for the Democratic nomination for president. None of the current candidates inspire confidence.

Thomas Lobenstein



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I think President Trump's actions will unite the country in the near future. When the next Democratic president uses military aid to convince other countries to help him get re-elected, both Republicans and Democrats will agree that there's nothing wrong with that. Oh happy day!


These Trumpist cult members are clearly off their rockers at this point. Too. Far. Gone.

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