I have serious concern for people who claim to be both Christians and Democrats.

For many reasons, I feel that Democrats are immoral. But I can’t understand how gay marriage and abortion can be supported by a Christian. Some may say, "There are many reasons to vote Democrat” and those are just a couple of issues. But that’s hypocritical. Would a church hire a preacher who was a great speaker and knew the Bible front to back but watched porn and cursed every breath? Of course not.

It’s immoral to call 50 percent of Americans racist. It’s immoral to bring sham investigations against someone just because you lose an election. It’s immoral to suggest a man can be a woman or a woman can be a man. What Democrats call “transgender,” Republicans call mental illness.

It’s immoral to believe man is in charge of destroying our planet. Only God knows when the world will end, and I promise it will end how he wants it to. It’s immoral to leave talk of God and Jesus out of our public life. Democrats want no mention of God. They are the first to say “separation of church and state” when they really want to silence Christians.

Come on, Christians, wise up. If you feel that today’s Democratic Party is a platform for morality, you are sadly mistaken. Let me guess – your grandparents were Democrats and so were your parents. Wow, that’s a rational approach. It just takes a little common sense.

Republicans can be immoral as well. We are all sinners! But take a look at the Republican platform versus the Democratic platform. It’s obvious.

If you want to look at all politics as bad, then you still have to vote Republican as the lesser of two evils. God has blessed us to be American and I really believe President Donald Trump loves America. His words prove it, but most importantly his actions do. God bless the USA.

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green


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Here ... because you forget your own bible's teachings ... (Jesus was a liberal, btw).

https://churchleaders.com/outreach-missions/outreach-missions-articles/265391-3-times-jesus-modeled-how-we-should-treat-sinners.html "3 Times Jesus Modeled How We Should Treat Sinners"

Enough Already 2

It is not unusual for someone to talk to themselves. Even I will voice things out loud to experience how the thought will roll off of the tongue. But, answering oneself or carrying on a discussion with oneself is just another example of dementia. Now dementia is a terrible thing. Some is brought about by aging and is a natural part of the evolutionary process of the body breaking down. The old "ashes to ashes" process is moving into high gear when this starts happening. Alzheimer's is another variant of dementia. This is made worse because the individual would normally be expected to continue for many more years before their mental judgment and thought processes begin their deterioration. This is very sad, and I have done what little I can to be supportive of the ongoing research. Regardless, when the individual in question starts down this path, they will often have conversations with themselves. And yes, there is some truth surrounding the humorous quip about "arguing with oneself, and losing the argument! I see this quite often with Mr. Wheeler. I have also noticed that the symptoms of dementia accelerate when the individual in question is isolated or alone. In this situation, Mr Wheeler was left alone for many days without any public interaction, or what public interaction that did surround him was laughter that was peripheral to his sensory receptors.

Perhaps the laughing that surrounded him these past few days was an example of harsh consideration for his mental affliction. ON the other hand, it may just be that the rest of us are trying to carry on a normal life in the presence of the afflicted. Our laughing is the only way that we can be inclusive with one of our fellow humans that has begun the slide into incoherence and isolation. Normal laughing and banter can sometimes be soothing...


I was with you up until the 'natural evolutionary processes' bit. I have been informed by someone who has never submitted a peer reviewed paper disputing the fact of evolutionary theory, and has most certainly not won the Nobel prize by overturning the entirety of the credentialed scientific consensus pointing to the facts of evolutionary biology, that this explanatory preponderance of evidence is pure bunk.

Now, this person has this very antiquated book that has been proven absolutely wrong on literally every scientific claim contained therein, but this individual has assured me that they not only wholeheartedly believe the demonstrably false claims made by the scientifically illiterate anonymous author's of this antiquated book, but they also receive regular pamphlets from equally wrong, yet similarly convinced in the truths of this book, persons in their absolutely and utterly indefensible position of evolution denial.

Now I must ask, does this person sound like someone whose mental judgement is impaired? Are they just intentionally stupid? Or do they really know more than those whose entire lives have been spent gathering, researching and demonstrating the validity of the empirical evidence?

Just gotta ask yourself sometimes, who is trying to fool who?


What has been suspected all along is now official folks. He is answering himself.

Enough Already

Well said Eric.

Some may disagree but they can't use the Bible to justify their decision to support the Democrat party. In 2012 Democrats booed and tried to vote God completely out of the party. It was only because of a questionable decision by the party chair it was prevented. Watch it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9ha9o24Pfw

Their actions today show they do not respect God or the Bible in anyway.

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