Today I rode my bicycle through Bowling Green and was appalled at the number of Democrat signs. Have they not learned their lesson? It worries me that my neighbors seem to care little for the future of the nation. November is decision time ... Shall we remain a free prosperous country or become a third world failure?

Has nobody kept up with the events of the “revolution” - A "Beer Hall Putsch" with the seditious Russian Hoax and a "KKK-like" impeachment and conviction trial? How about looting and Kristallnachts? How about Democrats' attempts of replacing the police with America's version of the Brown Shirts (Antifa)?

Has no one heard the Democrat call to arms to destroy the country in the name of equity? Destroying what others have does nothing for those who have not. That bad idea is socialism and only a fool would deny that modern-day Democrats are socialists.

Examine the party slogans: "Make America Great Again" and "Build Back Better." The former is a promise to revive American exceptionalism and patriotism; the latter a call to tear down what is left and rebuild with a socialist system. As we have seen, radical Democrat mobs burn things down while the President is endeavoring to build America back!

Totalitarian governments burn things down, kill the innocents, and create class warfare. Is this not what the Democrats have done the last three and one-half years? Is this the Great Tribulation that we have expected?

Would it not be easier if unhappy Democrats, rather than embrace socialism here, go elsewhere to tear down what they cannot stand?

Larry R. Herrin

Bowling Green

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Just face it the Democrats are going to vote Democrat The Republicans are going to vote Republican . It would probably be safe to assume that the lesser of the two evils would get the next four years. But the dog and pony show must go on for the millions of social media hyped , television watching, ding dongs out their that really have been spoon fed all the truths/lies and what ever sells, and they believe it. As far as the Native American treatise, if left to their own devices nothing would have changed, they would have made war on each other, taken slaves, wiped out entire cultures. This is what happens with humankind, look to the past .


Larry done went and got triggered.

Enough Already

Koheleth done stuck his head in the sand.

Portland Mayor Jenny Durkan, "We could have the summer of love,"

Koheleth, I'm down with that!


Down with it are ya? Hey, that's cool man. I'm not here to judge. Rock on.


Last three words of title are what any native American could have written an excellent treatise about

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