I have always been a loyal Democrat. I felt the party represented the little man. It advocated social equality and equal rights for all individuals. It felt educational opportunities should be afforded to all.

However, the party has now gone too far to the left. The party now exposes democratic socialist views with no effort to maintain fiscal accountability. They almost appear to be trying to buy votes with expensive giveaways and allowing illegals to vote.

The fact that they hold a majority in the House but do not tackle any meaningful legislation to help the nation is also disheartening. We have a strong need to have issues such as immigration, drug pricing, and infrastructure addressed now. However, they feel the need to play politics instead of representing the people.

Donald Trump maybe undiplomatic at times, but he is no Richard Nixon. There is no large smoking gun like in Nixon's time that should be bring our legislative process to a halt. Stop playing politics and get on with the job of representing the people.

I will be voting red from here on out.

Michael Bessette

Bowling Green


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I'm claiming Poe's Law on this one.

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