I can’t stay retired any longer.

When I hear ridiculousness, I have to respond. It looks like Howard Bailey ("Hughey recognizes trouble nation faces," Mailbox, Aug. 2) and Ed Draughon ("Like Trump, editorial misled on immigration policy," Mailbox, Aug. 5) want to become the new “enlightened” thinkers in Bowling Green. Let’s review. Bailey recently endorsed Aaron Hughey as one who “recognizes trouble” in our nation. That trouble is undoubtedly “white supremacy” and the dreaded “white privilege.” Being a black man and a Democrat, those are the only issues affecting the U.S. today, according to CNN.

Then there is Draughon endorsing illegal immigration. Come on, Ed. If I rob a bank with my 4-year old in my arms, will the police separate me from my child? Of course! Breaking the law at the border is taking a heavy financial toll on American taxpayers. Come here legally, legally, legally! This is a very hard concept for liberals to accept because it involves ”common sense.” As enlightened as these three thinkers are, they all lack common sense.

Just look at the 20 Democrats running for president. What educated person could possibly take any of them seriously? They are complete buffoons. But Bailey, Hughey and Draughon will be the first three to support any of them. The U.S. is the most diverse place in the world. That would explain why people of color want to come here by the hundreds of thousands and not leave. Racism is very isolated. I’ve never met a white supremacist or klansman.

Haven’t heard anyone but black people use the “N” word in 10 years. In fact, Don Lemon on CNN calls white males America’s biggest threat. Let this false issue go away, Democrats. Democrats are the real fascists and obstructionists. Please change the name of your party to what it actually is: American Socialist Party.

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green


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Enough Already 2

Poor Eric Wheeler! The poor man is back from his treatment facility; he is still showing symptoms of dementia; and his alter identity is commenting upon his own comments. I think that we all have had 'enough already' with his exhibitions of mental delusions. How does that go again? The poor guy is having an argument with himself, and he has lost both sides of the argument!


I had entertained a rebuttal to this dichotomous entity you've so astutely alluded to, but given this reply, I realize I could not possibly elaborate on your synopsis in any greater detail. Well done.


"What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is."

Enough Already

I love your letter Mr. Wheeler but I must take exception to the statement that Democrats lack common sense. That is really not the problem. The real issue is they are stupid. Only stupid people could support what the Democrat party is pushing.

There is an upside to their stupidity though. If they continue down this road it should all but eliminate them as a political party. I say more power to them. I recommend they go full on communist. That is their ultimate destination and I think their voters are ready for it...

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