The border disaster was meant to happen and purposefully planned by Democrats.

More than $4.3 billion in stimulus money will be paid to illegal aliens on purpose by Democrats.

Having the Capitol surrounded by fence, thousands of troops and razor wire is purposeful and meant to keep anyone from getting in the way of Democrats' policy and actions. It's identical to dictatorships in totalitarian countries. What a symbol of freedom for the world and We the People.

Why tax any of us citizens when the government can print money without having it in the Treasury any time they want?

If the Democrats want to forgive up to $50,000 per student in loan debt, then I will tabulate my two loans from the 1970s at $9,500 and adjust for inflation for payment at about $34,000. I did pay off the loans on time and this will be a great refund! Keep up the great work, Democrats!

Remember, wearing a mask will still be required after immunity or taking the multiple experimental vaccines. So says our god of the cult of public safety, Dr. Faustus. Excuse me, I mean Fauci. Also, for increased safety, wearing two masks is now recommended in order to reduce disease spread while minimizing oxygen to your lungs. Be a team player or else! It will signify your moral superiority and give you pseudo self-esteem.

It's obvious the Chinese Communist Party is in total fear of Biden and his team of progressives.

Sit back and relax.

There needs to be an escalator used to board Air Force One.

Everything a Leftist Democrat touches turns to feces, and then they complain about the results.

The only firewall of protection against this will be individual states.

Brent Rains

Bowling Green