Democrats’ proposals would hurt our nation

As I drive around Bowling Green I am troubled by the number of Biden-Harris yard signs I see.

I wonder if these people even know what they are actually going to vote for this year? Do they know what Democrats are proposing for our country?

Here are a few “gems:”

Do away with the “America First” policy of the Trump administration. Promote diversity over Unity (our state motto says United we stand, Divided we fall!)

Promote abortion on demand up and until birth.

Massive increase in Government spending.

Weaken and attack law enforcement.

Eliminate Voter ID.

For you gun owners and Second Amendment supporters – Stop online sales of guns and ammo, ban so-called “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines, license gun owners and their guns. Encourage lawsuits against gun companies, and control how and where you keep your gun in your house.

Weaken the Border Patrol, eliminate the border wall and open the borders to all.

Well, I could go on, but you get the idea. Please think and pray about these, and many other issues the Democratic Party, from top to bottom, propose to do to the United States of America!

Larry Causey

Bowling Green

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