This letter is to voice my objection and disgust at the removal of our American Flag from city buildings because of "fear."

Our mayor should have researched how we got our flag. It is a slap in the face to veterans who fought and thousands died for this freedom we have. I am a Vietnam veteran, my father was a World War II veteran and my great-grandfather was a Civil War veteran. Fear did not give us this great freedom and fear will not keep us free. Veterans would have once again answered the call to stand guard in protection of our flag including me.

Shame on those who wilted at the fear of this incident. We should be willing to protect our flag. Our history is being removed and heroes blood trampled upon. Wake up. My flag flies freely and proudly in my yard and will till my last breath. 

Johnny Deel

Bowling Green

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Mayor was trying to avoid the unpredictable results of conflict. For that he should be praised!


Mayor was trying

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