Your recent Opinion published on Jan. 17 ("Impeachment is a charade, GOP Senate needs to back Trump") embraces and thus perpetuates misinformation and the disenfranchisement of people the paper purportedly serves.

Your opinion is an example of “cherry-picking” the facts to support your point of view. We know both sides do that, but you are the newspaper and it's your job to give a fair representation of reality.

I would like the Editor to respond with another opinion: his and the paper’s commitment to the Fairness Doctrine: providing balanced reporting that examines many constituent viewpoints. Since moving here in 2017, I’ve observed that the Daily News maintains a strong conservative, Republican stance in its reporting. Therefore, it is not a publication that includes all the voices in this community. And, therefore, the Daily News does not fairly represent its constituency.

By demonstrating to readers how to discern the truth, fact checking and taking emotion out of the dialogue, the Daily News could grow a community that works together across party lines for the benefit of everyone. We live in a community with 27.4% poverty rate! We can work together to become a community in which everyone thrives. Your opinion does not help this community.

What would be helpful now is fair representation of ideas and opinions with the goal to bring all voices to our community discussions and to work together for American ideals such as truth, fairness, and equal rights. Such reporting potentially could help heal the divisive rhetoric and terrible violence resulting from just such one-sided reporting.

Thank you,

Susan Feathers

Bowling Green