"You wear a mask so long, you forget who you were underneath it." These poignant words come from Alan Moore's "V for Vendetta," which tells the tale of a people facing the consequences of giving up freedom in the face of fear.

Today, we stand on the same precipice; shall we give more power to our government in the hopes of protection, or should we rather go about our lives, living with caution, yet living all the same. The United States was founded on the belief that all people have the right to live how they wish, but how can we live under a system that has shut down the businesses and lives of a nation? I believe that the restrictions once set to safeguard us have materialized into the tentative grasp of state and federal governments.

When was the last time church attendance was proscribed, the freedom to gather was threatened, or travel monitored? Ladies and gentlemen, COVID-19 is a threat to consider, but has rapidly become a facade for the political stratagems lurking beneath.

Robert Purcell

Bowling Green

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BowlingGreen Citizen33

I don’t think anyone is losing too much, in a situation as unprecedented as this COVID-19 epidemic. If it means businesses, churches, etc are shut down, you just have to deal with it, because in a situation like this, there’s so many asymptomatic people that could start an outbreak. Personally, I thought Governor Breshear has done an excellent job and as Kentucky was one of the states to do a later re-opening, it’s no-coincidence that cases have went down and also most states like Texas, Florida and some others that opened up sooner, also to no surprise, have saw cases explode again. Also, no coincidence that those states have Republican Governors, I’m sure they think along the same lines as Trump(he apparently thinks it’s going away). I’d rather play it smart for a few months, get the cases down, social distance, wear a mask when practical, etc, until they can get a vaccine.

Dr. Strangelove

Look at the CDC records for flu deaths and infections, hospitalizations over the last 20 years. You are the idiot. CDC reported 39 million people with the flu in 2018/19 season, at least 61,000 deaths, all in the same demographics of mortality with elderly and immune deficient being the victims, and a few infants. Why no lockdown then? We are being played. The economic and health damages to millions of others far outweighs this BS scam-demic.

BowlingGreen Citizen33

Once the name calling comes out, you know you’ve struck a nerve, lol. If you think that this is the flu(like Trump does), you are a different kind of stupid. You are probably one of those that also doesn’t believe that dinosaurs once roamed the earth, lol


Worldwide Covid-19 cases; 10,424,992 infections

509,706 deaths.

US alone; (at time of this post) 2,691,229 infections. 128,936 deaths. 16657 severe/critical.

Your false equivalency shows those with reasonable deductive capabilities who exactly the, as you are so fond of projecting, idiots truly are.

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