This letter will hopefully raise awareness to the people who leave their trash and garbage wherever they please.

Recently, I was at the Port Oliver ramp putting my boat in the water when I talked to a man briefly who was fishing from the dock. When I got back to the ramp later, there was an empty bait container and other trash left where he'd been sitting. Really? He had to walk by more than one trash can to get back to his car. Is it too much to expect him to clean up after himself?

Also one morning, a friend and I put in the river at Martinsville Ford Road and there were two tents up and people camping. We talked to them briefly and went on our way. Again, like at the lake, when we got back they had taken down their tents and left enough trash to fill an average trash can. Seriously? Why be so thoughtless and lazy? Let's all do better.

The lake and river are too nice to be left this way.

Larry Szczapinski

Bowling Green


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