America, Trump continue to win

Mrs. Lashley, in response to your letter on Oct. 29 (“On behalf of constituents, Rep. Guthrie should stand up to President Trump”), I say poor liberal snowflake – boo-hoo!

How are you or anyone in jeopardy (of) losing your inalienable rights? Just like Aaron Hughey gets educated from me occasionally, it’s time to school you. You have stated your disdain for President Donald Trump. But you haven’t stated any facts as to why.

I get it – liberals are brainwashed to dislike Mr. Trump! But why? All he does is win, and America wins.

Here are facts, not feelings: lowest unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and women in 50 years. Reduced taxes for all Americans. Rebuilt our military that then-President Barack Obama depleted. Got America out of unfair trade agreements with China, Mexico and Canada. Made NATO pay their share for American defense. Ended the pathetic Iran nuclear deal. Revived our coal and steel industry. Made America energy independent. Made Christianity and GOD popular again. Made America respected again. Best economy in the world with record-high stock markets.

I could keep going. But he has singlehandedly made America No. 1.

Only socialist democrats who hate America can’t see what our great president has done. He stands up to career politicians and fights for the U.S. He has lost millions of dollars being president, so I don’t get what he’s getting out of it except Making America Great!

Get used to winning, Mrs. Lashley. There are five more years of it coming.

America ... love it or leave it!

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

The drivel below from two of our most outspoken liberal airheads just confirms you can give a liberal a diploma but you can't make him intelligent, much less think or learn. They are incapable of recognizing the obvious, that our country has once again become great, despite their clamoring to go back to the good old days of democrat high unemployment and assorted disastrous actions by a truly useless excuse for a president. When Obama told us that his economy is the new normal he never thought Trump would come along and undo all of his socialist policies that have hamstrung the country. Obama was undoubtedly one of the worst presidents ever elected by a clueless electorate.

Sadly these cry babies are forced to endure a good economy, world-wide respect and renewed prosperity in the USA. Here is hoping their little corner of the world is returned to the misery they love so much. The rest of us are quite happy here in the once again great United States of America!

Enough Already 2

Probably not worth my time, but I must ask? Would you consider buying a used car from Mr. Enough Already?


I'll just move this up to here as well considering that Eric and EA (no relation, wink-wink, nudge-nudge) are of same incredibly delusional mindset.

The state of affairs as viewed through the eyes of a cult member Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ignorance, being true bliss, makes these two (or perhaps there is only one, but an entity of two essences.?.) happy as a lark.

Enough Already 2

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! There really is a God!

And lo and behold, He has sent his number one Prophet, Eric Wheeler, to bring us the message that there will be no more “winning” with Trump as president!

OH WOW! What a blessed miracle Mr. Wheeler predicted. Shortly after this prediction of no more “winning” under Trump, the President’s choice for Kentucky’s Governor, turns into a loser.

Like Mr. Wheeler, I too have found myself upon occasion, having “Enough Already”, but I do not think that I can ever get enough of this recent miracle.

It also warms my heart to know that the President’s choice of Whitney Whistle dick was also soundly defeated in his run for the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Praise the Lord!

I have not been exposed to any news yet today, but I imagine that the President is really “whining” and blaming Governor Bevin for being such a poor winner!


The state of affairs as viewed through the eyes of a cult member Ladies and Gentlemen.

How liberating it must be for one so unencumbered by the ravages of intelligence.

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