I believed the truth revealed in Jesus Christ in 1946 and was called to preach the gospel in 1947.

I was ordained a Southern Baptist pastor-preacher in 1954 and faithfully served churches until becoming hospital chaplain for 35 years. I am a conservative Republican joining the party when Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was elected president of our nation.

I believe President Donald Trump is a Christian accepting the witness of Phil Robertson while running for the office of president in 2016. Robertson, made famous for his role in the series "Duck Dynasty," tells his story in his book "The Theft of America's Soul" and details "How to Win Back the Soul of America" in his "Jesus Politics" book.

For the first time in my life, which has been blessed with 92 years, I have never seen our nation's president endure similar days of Britain and the Nazi blitz. Not unlike Prime Minister Churchill, his land has been bombarded with lies for four years and now attacked by a virus which is demonic in scope.

The door to the future of our nation is being held open by hope while awaiting the recovery of faith in God who inspired the founders of this republic to enter in to restore sanity to the Democrats like that of Harry Truman and John Kennedy.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" along with the rest of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution lie in the bottom of the garbage can where the aborted children are tossed.

Time is of the essence for the courage and strength of Trump be honestly elected for four more years and integrity be restored to our courts and political system.

May God hear us and deliver us from evil.

James Britt

Bowling Green

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Every day I'm reminded that I am surrounded by stupid people. If roles were reversed, and a democrat was pouting like a baby (like Trump is), ya'll would shit bricks. But no, not with your cult leader.

Enough Already

Democrats pouted for 4 years and wasted millions of dollars trying to remove Trump because they didn't like him, so yeah, they have already been there, done that. You are indeed surrounded by stupid people. The stupidest of all is staring back at you in the mirror.


Trump has lost. Robertson's a kook. Your god failed. Get over it.

Enough Already

Biden is a criminal and a fraud. You are a bore. God is on his throne, get a clue.


Biden has won. Trump is done. God is dead. You are delusional. Get some counseling.

Enough Already

Trump won, God remains on his throne, but you are still a bore, Biden is an old man and a tool of communists, and you are a useful idiot, but you already knew that...


That was weak. Please try again. 1/20/21. Trump leaves office. Irrelevant once again. Biden takes over. The fun begins. SDNY trumps Trump. Law and order. Heal the land. Reality will prevail. Retributive justice wins. Cultists will wail. Trump in jail.

As a bonus. Just for you.

Release the Kraken! Why the delay? Lack of evidence? None to display! Listen to kooks. Toe the line. Not much longer. Expose their lying. Con the gullible. Bilk the rube. One last swindle. Exit the room.

PSS, your god appears to have pulled a Presley. That's way too long to be on the throne. Tends to cause hemorrhoids with all that sitting, but maybe they're the golden kind like in 1 Samuel 5:6-7.

Your roll chief. Do try harder.

Enough Already

“Retributive” is right. There only regret is after millions in taxpayer money squandered on their stupid hoax they will have to throw even more taxpayer money away to get vengeance. Trump beat these communists like a drum. Their only chance is if they rig the courts like they did the election. They have no respect for taxpayers. These morons are true leftists. Obviously you agree so that makes you a leftist moron as well.

The election is not over yet. As bad as you and the fake news media want to pretend simpleton Joe is the president, he is not. When he has to keep promoting himself as “president elect”, it is confirmation he is not. It is funny though.

When it gets to SCOTUS you pathetic communists will howl all the louder and I am looking forward to it

God is never late, always just in time. He does not answer to a mere mortal. He has no use for fools like you. In fact, he laughs at you and so do I.

Psa 2:4  He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. 

Psa 2:5  Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Later Vladmir!


Weak sauce rebuttal. Come on mate. Make it great.

Enough Already

That's all you get Vladmir. My money's on the SCOTUS.


Ha Ha Ha! That's quite funny. SCOTUS won't help. Save your money.

Dr. Strangelove

Well said Mr. Britt

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