God save us as we enter 2022

The new year. Celebrations. Resolutions. Time to begin again. Hope springs eternal.

Honestly, I think one of the most important things we can do as we experience this collective renewal is to pray for help as we strive to navigate the challenging times ahead.

So without further ado, I offer the following petition to the Almighty:

God save us from our inability to comprehend the limitations of our own intellect that leads us to believe our ways are comparable to yours.

God save us from well-intentioned but ultimately clueless leaders who are unable to recognize or compensate for their shortcomings.

God save us from arm-chair amateurs with the misguided notion that access to the internet makes them as smart as professionals who have spent their entire lives pursuing knowledge and expertise.

God save us from politicians who cling to the self-destructive belief that loyalty to a person or a party is more important than allegiance to an ideal or a principle larger and more enduring than themselves or the present moment.

God save us from conspiracy theory hacks who can’t seem to grasp the notion that the simplest explanation is almost always the most plausible.

God save us from passionate crusaders who would rather foment chaos and confusion than promote order and compassion.

God save us from holier-than-thou liberals who have lofty goals and aspirations but only a superficial and woefully inadequate understanding of basic economics.

God save us from holier-than-thou conservatives who earnestly believe we should go back to the good old days when women and “minorities” knew their place.

God save us from those who think winning is more important than serving.

Finally, God save us from so-called left-leaning college professors who obviously think they have been endowed with insights into reality that were spared the less fortunate.

Aaron W. Hughey

Bowling Green

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