I want to thank the Warren County Sheriff's Office for some excellent work.

There is a young veteran in our community who has been having some very difficult emotional issues. The sheriff's office has made several welfare checks. The checks were made in a very professional and non-confrontational manner. I have been personally involved in some of these contacts with the police and have nothing but praise for their efforts. Last night I observed the police spending hours talking to the vet in a conciliatory manner, finally ending with the vet agreeing to in-patient counseling. The event could have easily been escalated to a violent end, but these "cops" might have saved a life and helped this vet who volunteered to fight for this country spending time in a war zone overseas.

Unlike a social worker, these officers had the training and ability to intervene 24 hours earlier when a vigilante tried to intervene and a gun was discharged that endangered innocent people in the community.

The next time you hear someone with a political agenda demeaning the police and calling for them to be abolished think about the many times that things like this happen and go un- or under-reported.

This all happened within yards of my home over the period of days. Being a vet myself, I let the person know that there are people out there who care with the resources to help. Fortunately for all, our police department was there to provide the link that helped the vet realize and take advantage of the resources out there.

Frank Jones

Bowling Green

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Mr. Jones, from a concerned citizen and huge supporter of the police and veterans Thank you for taking the time for your kind words for the deputies.

Enough Already

I second that!

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