This is concerning an article Thursday on the front page Bowling Green Daily News: "Leaders hope to 'Beautif-i65.' "

A project like this has been needed for years since the poor design of Exit 22 on Interstate 65 some years ago. Exit 22 is a concrete jungle, with it being built with nothing more in mind than to get it finished, and should have never been approved in its present condition by local city and county officials.

Exit 22 is the main artery into Bowling Green for tourists, motels and restaurants, and should be the main focus of any monies spent on beautifying exits, with no taxpayer monies going into these exit projects. David Chandler said it best when he said in the article that he could raise $10 million for the exit's beautification project.

Everyone has good ideas about different projects being considered around our area, but when you can come up with a good idea and get it done without using taxpayer monies then you have done something.

I do think the city and county officials need to keep our greenways and bridge areas cleaner and more beautiful, before they tackle anything else. I was walking on the greenways recently behind Kroger, U.S. 31-W By-Pass and the bridge at Kereiakes Park. This area is littered with trash, plastic bags, etc. and a real eyesore for our community. If you can't keep greenways and bridge areas in Bowling Green and Warren County clean of litter, how can you attempt a beautification project on interstate exits?

Don Langley

Bowling Green


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Absolutely Positively

The design of exit 22 is the safest and most efficient design possible for that interchange. His issue is that it isn't pretty enough?




No. The Mayor and City Commission have been considering projects to make the exits into BG more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and inviting to the potential visitors traveling I-65. Mr. Langley’s point is that there is poor upkeep of current beautification projects and greenways, so why take on new projects when the current ones aren’t being maintained?

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