If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny, but soon-to-be former Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton can’t stop her whining about being dropped from Gov. Matt Bevin's ticket.

Number 1, Hampton was never qualified to be lieutenant governor of Kentucky, anyway.

Number 2, Bevin lost the election and she is out of a job anyway, so what’s with appealing Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd’s ruling last month over Bevin’s authority to hire and fire the lieutenant governor's staff.

Stop your whining and move on, and change political parties to Democrat because your are not a true Republican. Just because someone is a veteran (decorated or not) doesn’t mean they are beyond reproach or unquestionable!

And for those who voted for Andy Beshear, well there has never been a Democrat governor that has fixed Kentucky’s pension system and that will go unchanged. Bevin was on the right track, but stupid can’t be fixed. Besides, A few years ago, Andy Beshear was campaigning down at a local restaurant where I was. He walked up, stuck out his hand and, as I was going to shake his hand, really thinking I might vote for him, I mentioned I was a Republican and Andy Beshear quickly drew back his hand and walked off. What a guy.

Although I am a Republican, there have been a few times in the past on the local or state levels at least that I have voted for a Democrat. But I fear Kentucky voters and a disgruntled lieutenant governor have made a major error by electing Andy Beshear as governor of Kentucky.

Ron Ford



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