I am sure I am not the only person who knows Kentucky health care (known as Obamacare) was a flop. In January 2015, I began paying a monthly premium and in March 2015 a notice appeared on my "explanation of benefits" stating no payment will be issued at this time, providers are not permitted to bill members any portion owed by Kentucky Health Cooperative, pursuant by the court – meaning Kentucky Health Cooperative had fallen apart. I had to continue paying monthly premiums or be penalized at the end of the tax year. In September 2015, agents from Kentucky Health Cooperative came to Bowling Green to meet with members who had questions.

I had all my "explanations of benefits" which were incorrectly processed with lots of errors. When I asked why this continues, I was told it creates a paper trail for all claims filed, because there were lots of issues in the way the claims were processed. I stayed in constant contact with that process person until March 2016, when I received an email stating that I had been temporarily locked out and to try again later. In 2017, I received a letter pertaining to each medical claim that had been filed by my health care providers in 2015.

I was given the name of a contact person in Atlanta and had many conversations with him and his reassurance that this should be worked out by October 2017.

Shortly after that last conversation, his number or location was no longer available. There was an article in the Daily News "Opinion" on July 10, 2018, titled "Beshear would repeat father's policies." Without a doubt.

Those pushing for this should really read up on what each of these provide and who pays the price and remembering nothing is free.

Linda Murphy

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

You have to understand that Democrats degrade or destroy everything they touch. Many Kentuckians cut their nose off to spite their face by voting for Steve Beshear. They now have that good warm feeling in their pants because they really showed Bevin. We can now look for more poorly thought out and unworkable socialist proposals because Andy is now expected to bring that candy he promised. Too bad this information did not come to light a month in advance of the election, but in retrospect it probably would not have mattered. 5100 voters would rather be lied to politely than told the truth bluntly because they value personalities over competent performance...

Le Ecrivain

Bevin went to India. In a state of a million workers, 5100 people probably voted against him just because of crushed technology career dreams. Prior to that he made a speech for the Koch Brothers. Competence performance is a lie when it comes to Bevin. He hitched his wagon to the poverty lovers and poverty makers. The laws are made by the legislators, not the governor. Bevin. The governor who went to India and a few weeks later saw announcements of more specialized outsourcing programs from our own local employer firms. Of all the things he could have done, he went and spit in the faces of the electorate with that trip. It was probably the trip to India that ruined his election.

Enough Already

I seriously doubt India had anything to do with the election. If it had, Beshear would have exploited that regularly and he did not. The only reason Bevin lost was because he let his mouth overload his brain when dealing with the communist teacher unions. He did a good job as governor but he was too blunt for Kentucky. Many Kentuckians are sensitive to tough talk and would rather vote for a smooth talking liar like Beshear than a candidate that told the truth about the teachers that closed down schools across the state so they could personally intimidate legislators in Frankfort. Interestingly enough, the so-called management (administrators) never even raised a fuss. They are as corrupt as the teachers.

Sadly, 5100 deluded citizens fell for the teacher unions propaganda, even as many of their own children leave public schools with a HS diploma but are functionally illiterate.

As far as India goes, they graduate 5 times as many students in the STEM fields as the US does. A significant number of our HS graduates can't even read well so they are not likely to even qualify for higher education without intensive remedial classes. Not that public school teachers in Kentucky care. They are against funding charter schools because that would mean competition for them even though it would benefit the children in the state.

There is nothing wrong with the Koch brothers that George Soros is not guilty of 3 times over. The only difference is Soros is a closet communist and the remaining Koch brother is a capitalist. I'd rather live a modest lifestyle in a free country than be a slave to the socialist/communist state. I think people in Venezuela would agree with me now as well...

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