There has been a lot of discussion lately about “privilege.” You may have even asked yourself, “What is privilege, and do I have it?”

The dictionary defines privilege as “a special right, advantage or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.”

As was the case with racism, you can be privileged and fully aware of the advantages you’ve been afforded; but you can also be privileged and oblivious to your own entitlement.

So, once again, I thought I’d provide a short guide to help with your self-reflection.

If no one has ever looked at you and asked where you are from, you are probably privileged.

If you have never had to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are probably privileged.

If something turns up missing and you are never a suspect, you are probably privileged.

If you spend a lot of time wondering what you are going to have for dinner instead of whether or not you are going to have dinner, you are probably privileged.

If you view being pulled over by the police as a minor inconvenience instead of a potentially life-threatening encounter, you are probably privileged.

If you are having trouble deciding which college to attend instead of trying to figure out if college is a possibility, you are probably privileged.

If no one has ever complimented you on the way you carry yourself or seemed surprised that you knew how to use proper English, you are probably privileged.

If the class you took on American history back in high school was your history, you are probably privileged.

If you’ve never been asked to represent “your people,” you are probably privileged.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered if you were privileged, you probably are.

So now you know.

Aaron Hughey

Bowling Green

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If you can run around in public and online screaming that only the lives of people of your skin color matter, you are privileged

If the governor announces that only people of your skin color will get "free" health insurance, paid for by the rest of us, you are privileged

If male and you have five kids by five baby mamas and don't pay a dime of child support, you are privileged

if female and you have five kids by five different fathers and we are paying to feed, house and educate your brats, instead of spending that money on our children, you are privileged

if you are a drain on society, getting everything from food, housing, medical care, heating, electricity, cable, internet and an Obamaphone for "free", paid for by the rest of us who actually work, you are privileged

Dr. Strangelove

As someone who grew up in a mixed neighborhood since early childhood and forward (mid 50's and all the 60's I can tell you your comment on 5 kids with 5 last names is accurate. Up till the welfare state legislation by the Democrats and President Johnson, most kids black or white had two parents and no problems in the classroom or in the neighborhood. Aaron Hughey is the typical educated idiot who sends his condemnations and opinion from his tenure protected campus. As the son of a poor white boy from the Dust Bowl (Grapes of Wrath family) of Kansas and WWll veteran I didn't know we had had all these sins Hughey speaks of. All I remember is my Dad telling me that no one owes you a damn thing in life, treat people like you'd want to be treated, work hard, get educated, and be honest. Now that was a privilege to receive from him. The Cops aren't the problem for black youth, it's the Culture many are raised in. And this applies to anyone black or white that end up ignorant and trashy. It's not the Cops, it's your Culture!


"Grew up in the mid 50's-60's. Didn't witness systemic racism."

The only comment someone could make about that revelation is that you must've kept your head in the same posterior region then as you have so ably demonstrated it to reside in now.

Enough Already

Considering you have no 1st hand knowledge of any of this and are simply replying from your standard repertoire of insults and communist inspired responses your remarks are irrelevant. I suspect you are like democrats of old, from the south, KKK in the family, hate minorities and a solid democrat, but projecting your guilt onto other people to keep from being discovered. You are also a perfect example of today's modern virtue signaling democrat. Any chance you and Hughey bunk together?


Considering that you have piss poor reading comprehension coupled with a demonstrated inability for critical thought and logical deduction I could just dismiss everything that you say in any of your inane posts.

But, on the other hand. If I were in fact a communist, or perfect example of today's clueless virtue signaling traitor Trump worshiping conservative evangelical Republican, and also a southern strategy loving racist, I may also have chosen to be wrong and agree with you.

Enough Already

"...and agree with you."

That's what I thought and that's good enough for me.

Right from the horses mouth, not a Freudian slip, but the truth revealed as a quip!

Thanks for your confirmation Vladamir!

That's what I thought and that's good enough for me.


Considering you have piss poor reading comprehension coupled with a demonstrated inability for critical thought and logical deduction.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Enough Already




So edgy. Fac ut vivas.

Enough Already

caderet mortuus


If you can make racist comments about an entire race (usually white but sometimes Asian) with no consequences you are privileged

If you can have the entire media on your side endlessly repeating whatever lies you like, you are privileged.

If you don't go out and work for your dinner but receive it for no effort, stolen for you by the governent, you are privileged.

If you don't pay for your housing but the government steals money from those who work and pay taxes to let you live for "free" you are privilged.

If you don't work and receive checks from the government while the rest of us pay thousands in taxes, you are privilged

If you get admitted into college with far lower achievements and get "scholarships" over better qualified candidates, you are privileged

If you get jobs and government contracts just because of the color of your skin, you are privileged

If you can commit a crime against a person of another race but don't have to worry about it being called a "hate crime" you are privileged

If you can shirk all responsibilities for your actions but yet claim to be equal, you are privileged

I could go on....but we all know who the true privileged are... those who live off the labor of others. The new slaves are the ones whose labor and production is stolen by the force of the government to support the new privileged class which spends its time doing no work, attacking the new slaves by committing disproportionate crimes and abusing them.

Enough Already

Well said!

Enough Already

I found some more to ad to your list.

Privilege is wearing $200. Sneakers when you’ve never had a job.

Privilege is wearing $300.Beats Headphones while living on public assistance.

Privilege is having a smart phone with a data plan you receive no bill for.

Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a water bill, where rising

property taxes, rents and energy costs have no effect on the amount of food you can put on the table.

Privilege is the ability to go march against and protest anything that triggers you without worrying about calling out of work.

Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status and be able to send them off to daycare or a school you don’t pay for.

Dr. Strangelove

Aaron Hughey is your quintessential academic/liberal dummy who would only have opportunity in a University or as an HR administrator. This guy is who we pay taxes for at WKU to mold and guide your kids thinking with his BS. Of course Hughey does not fall under this "privilege" category ever. You punk, you are as arrogant and privileged sounding as I've read in years. The poor suckers that seek your guidance are really screwed. Only on a college campus would you get away with this crap. And to finish up your epistle with as the final word. No elitism here.

Enough Already

Well said!


Baltimore - Seniors at a school graduated with 8th grade level reading, basic math was below 8th grade level, must be white privilege. A teacher here in Bowling Green taught 7th and 8th grade asked for parents to come in and talk about their kids and grandmothers showed up NOT parents - must be white privilege. A lady in Texas said she and her husband were on welfare, only stupid people worked - white privilege. A black male 60 years old said there was racism when he was growing up but he learned how to overcome it. Now the government has stepped in and said we will help you here and there and wherever you need help, but we are in worse shape that we were 40 years ago.

Absolutely Positively

Like many others, Hughey misattributes outcomes that are common among people who work hard and stay out of trouble to "privilege." White liberal guilt is a powerful thing that can cause otherwise normal people to talk crazy.

BG counts as its own a WKU alum who just recently signed a $30 million contract to play a game that he rarely played in his youth, and when he did, he played poorly. Does Hughey see this man as a recipient of privilege?

Enough Already 2

This is the 2nd time in the past few months that the BGDN did not post a Letter to the Editor on their online site.

I am just wondering if this is accidental or deliberate. Is Mr. Gaines trying to diminish exposure to a particular voice?

Can anyone else tell me the previous instance?

What say ye?

Daniel Pike Staff
Daniel Pike

It was accidental, just an error in how the letter was routed in our online system. It’s been fixed.

If there was a previous instance of this occurring, it was inadvertent as well. I will correct that one once I find it.

Enough Already, Too

Thank you Mr. Pike.

I did leave a topical comment on the previous letter and followed the letter. I never received in notice that anyone else commented and the last I checked, mine was the only "emoji" vote.

This time around, I did share this around a bit to the appropriate group of interested readers.

It is good to see someone at the paper working on a Sunday afternoon. Have a good day.

Daniel Pike Staff
Daniel Pike

I think I found the other one you were referencing. Same problem as the one today, and it's also been fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.

Enough Already

Don't you believe it. They really are out to get you!

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