I notice that a lot of people are upset by the pardons issued by the president recently.

They seem to think that all people should be treated the same under the law and that powerful people should not intervene in punishments handed out by the courts to people indicted for corruption or other felonies. Don’t they know that Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives President Donald J. Trump unlimited powers? (He says so. It must be true.)

Other people (or maybe the same ones) say that the president himself has committed similar crimes and he’s paving the way for his own pardon or a cover-up. Please! The president has said that he will release his tax returns once the IRS has finished with its audit. (He said it. It must be true.)

The IRS says that audits are not an obstacle to releasing the returns, but the IRS is part of the deep state. We all know that. Some people insinuate that he’s refusing to release his tax returns because they will show evidence of money laundering. By our president! Can you believe it? All I have to say to that is “Deutsche Bank!”

Finally, I hear people saying that the president and Attorney General Barr are conspiring to undermine democracy in this country. All I can say to that is “Thomas Picketty!” The United States is not a democratic republic, my friend. It’s an oligarchy. And oligarchs need to stick together, whether they are American, Russian, Ukrainian or anything else.

Please get your facts straight before criticizing our president!

Peter Connolly

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

Stay tuned Peter Connolly. The real corruption on the other side of the aisle is slowly being uncovered. If your naieve self is to weak minded to understand that, you are really going to hate what comes next...


"naieve (sic) self," "to (sic) weak minded"-- resorting to insults does not constitute an argument or a rebuttal. And when such common words as "naive" and "too" are misspelled-- well, that hardly helps.


It is well known around here that EA runs on pure emotion when it comes to these type of things, so he was probably boiling mad when he hammered out his reply. Not that I'm attempting to defend him mind you, indefensible attestations are his modus operandi after all. It's just a trait of his that those of us who are familiar with his antics have grown accustomed to. But you are correct, it hardly helps his case.


Thanks for a helpful response.

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