After reading Mr. Rains’ recent letter ("Writer isn't buying coronavirus hype," Mailbox, March 28), I was stunned at the amount of misinformation about the coronavirus and the lack of critical thinking skills. COVID-19 is not less dangerous than the flu.

It is highly contagious, there is no cure and there is no vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world’s leading epidemiologists, noted that COVID-19 is 10 times more deadly than the flu. This pandemic is not a hoax or a conspiracy between the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. For the safety of you and your family, please listen to our highly skilled scientists, doctors and health care professionals regarding COVID-19 rather than Republican news outlets like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Infowars, etc.

After viewing multiple media outlets these past few weeks, I have found the most accurate information is provided by MSNBC, especially the weekday "The Rachel Maddow Show" (8 p.m.) and "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" (9 p.m.). The Daily News does not provide the listing of this cable channel in its TV Guide, but you can find it at Channel 36 on your Spectrum cable service. Be safe, and practice social distancing!

Dale Smith

Bowling Green


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Le Ecrivain

You two can banter in your smugness all you want. The point is simple. If one is an executive, saying to themselves, how can I save the most Children's lives today? The answer is not to ban them from a store due to COVID. The answer is to stop selling Hotdogs. Likewise for everything else that kills Children. They are playing for points which they think will produce sales increases long term. In driving scarcity they will produce people who want to shop online. Instead, Parents need to take note of everyone who would rather say no Children as a marketing ploy, than take products of the shelf that have a higher probability of killing them. It was calling out the rank hypocrisy of the decision making bodies who are jockeying for sales in post-apocalypse market rather than making science-based decisions.


And for those not keeping score allow me to inform you;

As of 6:08pm on 4/4/20

US cases;

309,728 infections

8,441 deaths

5,787 severe/critical

Dr. Strangelove

That's the sum of it, I agree. But it is important to measure apples to apples. Deaths per 100k or 1 M populations. I don't agree about your Trump comment, but regardless the treatment with the economy is going to exponentially impact lives economically and in freedoms for years to come if we keep setting a deadline and shut down until we think the coast is totally clear. It will never happen and the politics being played is despicable. I'm done. Thanks for the reply.


Brent Rains


Can't compare apples to apples here. This is an unprecedented event for the modern era. You are comparing this virus to the annual flu, which falls squarely into the false equivalency province . You may not agree with my Trump comment, but it is a demonstrable fact that he bungled the response. Both the economy and freedoms are illusory constructs that exist only insofar as people believe in them. Lives, on the other hand, not so much. Perhaps this fiasco will open some eyes and unclutter some cantankerous minds. You're welcome for the reply, but I'd prefer to not have to so consistently correct erroneous attestations. Such leisure would certainly be preferable.


Dr. Strangelove

So lets say there have been 100,000 dead worldwide from COVID-19. The worlds population is estimated at 7.8 billion people. That's approximately 1.28 thousandths of a percent. = 0.00128. So let's shut down the economy and millions of people's lives instead of using common sense when the Swine Flu hit in 08-09 and killed 12,500 people in the US alone, with no direction from fearless leader incarnate Obama.


100,000 is a paltry sum in the grand scheme of things to be sure.

Anyway, our best bet is to listen to and follow the advice of actual epidemiology experts. Dead people don't contribute to the economy, and this baby is just now getting wound up. Your dear leader dropped the ball for all of us and is trying desperately to play catch up. Projections blow your 100,000 dead figure out of the water. And that is just within the US.

4/3/20 6:40pm

Cases worldwide= 1,097544 infections 59,181 deaths.

US= 276,893 infections 7,409 deaths 5,421 severe/critical

The thing about sense is that it is not common.

Now we wait.

Dr. Strangelove

Flu season from 10/1/2019 - 3/21/2020 - CDC website - deaths ytd = 24,000 - cases - 39 million - hospitalizations - 400,000

KY flu deaths to 3/21/20 = 105 - cases 26,940 - new cases that week 952

Hepatitis A statistics to 3/21/2020 - 322 deaths - 32,035 cases - US

KY deaths = 62 - tied with Florida for most cases

Corona virus 19 - KY deaths = 31 - cases


As of 1:00pm 4/3/20

COVID-19 worldwide = 1,073,627 infections. 58,200 deaths. (There's reasonable doubt as to the validity of this death toll number due to questionable data out of China and Russia. Most likely scenario is it actually being a much higher tally.)

US= 265,506 infections with 6789 deaths and another 5421 still severe/critical.


As can be witnessed by the comments below, the goal of this far right wing cabal to systematically dumb down the populace is coming to fruition.

Le Ecrivain

That's an unnecessary smear against the right wing. The mandatory vaccine push tends to come from the left wing, and that's the sector that's trying to dumb down the population at present.


Unfortunately such is necessary considering that the right wing does a bang up job of pushing thousand times debunked conspiracy theories as effectual. If you are advocating for an anti-vaccine, or any alternatively dubitable practice, you are in fact threatening herd immunity in opposition to empirically verified therapies. Thereby proving my 'smear' valid. The 'right wing' ideologues seek medical intervention roughly to the same extent as those on the left end of the spectrum. This action alone justifies precisely the veracity of the scientific method.

In your reply one would be left with the false impression that prayer must surely be as effective as medical intervention. In which case, you'd be absolutely and irreconcilably wrong.

Le Ecrivain

Empiraclly you are wrong. The Faithful -- all those hordes of church groups infected, have the lowest death rates of any demographic. That's not medical advice or anything, just the facts, which science supposedly cares about. Observed data is getting chucked out the window. Now corporate chains are banning children, and more children have choked to death on hot dogs this year than have died from Corona Virus, but they are still selling the Oscar Meyer.

The scientific method has been thrown out the window with regards to vaccines and emergency declarations, and with regards to many reactions with this corona virus

Le Ecrivain

More succintly, if the powers that be cared about science, they would ban the number one killer of children under 5 -- HOTDOGS that they choke on, instead of banning children from stores. Just one example. The science being relied on is what the nearest executive feels is right, rather than empirical reality.

Enough Already 2

Methinketh that the "Assembler" has been presented a challenge in the form of this woman that considers herself a writer, or a restaurant in Dublin, or a bad french translation. (Tell me which.)

How can one adequately respond to such an individual and expect a rational argument to be accepted when her precepts and concepts present such a challenge to the norm.

This individual may have a challenge holding down a "want fries with that " job, but she is definitely a qualified "field tester" for various alternative facts and conspiracy theory instigators.

On the other hand, if anyone is up to the challenge, I definitely feel that it would be you.


Well EA-2,

I suppose that one should first parse out just what exactly one means when they say something is 'empirical'. It is obvious that Le E is using some abstract definition and trying to pass it off as being a definitive stratagem.

I suppose that one could request empirical evidence for this alleged 'factual information' pointing to "those hordes of church groups infected, have the lowest death rates of any demographic." My observations have been that the religiously devout succumb at a rate comparable to the worldwide average. Nowhere in any scientific literature have I ever encountered a study confirming the inverse of this surveyance.

I suppose that I could request that Le E look into the largest scientific study ever done on the efficacy of prayer, known as The STEP funded by the Templeton foundation. I mean if we are in fact discussing empirical science, observed data, and the scientific method. The results of said study have grave concerns insofar as their allusions to preferential treatment from their preferred deity. As a foremost scholar on myths Joseph Campbell has stated; "Wherever the poetry of myth is interpreted as biography, history, or science, it is killed."

Now, when it come to arguing about hot dogs, I must concede my match. There are some arguments so unintelligible I just cannot bring myself to entertain. Perhaps I could point to the fact that even having the potentiality for choking to death on anything is a Black Mark against any intelligent designer.


Enough Already 2

A worthy response. I don't think it is exactly in the style of Solomon, but still very currently appropriate to the matter at hand.

Now I'm very partial to brats! Not very often, mind you, but it is an unhealthy pleasure along with a cold brew on a sunny Sunday afternoon such as today. This is my lead in to hotdogs, by the way. People and especially children, have choked on hotdogs. I do not necessarily place the blame on the product, or the processor, or the parent or custodian.

There are definitely bad and unhealthy products on the market. I can think that there are many that might need to be better monitored, controlled or licensed, etc. But hotdogs?

On another matter, my comment on someone's ability to hold down an entry level job at any fast food franchise was not intended to imply that there is anything demeaning about the job. I have family and friends that have worked their way through many entry level jobs. I do feel that the salary should be appropriate to the job level, but I do feel that some individuals do not have the skills or inclination to work in some of these positions. Some cannot count out change without a calculator, some do not have the appropriate people skills to work on the front line, and some just feel that they are entitled to hold certain positions, despite any evidence of actual capabilities. Perhaps the individual discussing hotdogs falls into this category...


In my defense, I didn't have much to work with. Apologies for the sub par performance. It should also be noted that this person has not attempted to clarify their position either. Probably for the best mind you, I would indubitably enjoy a respite.

As an aside, I never got the impression that your comment on fast food workers was an overgeneralization.

Till next time, enjoy your evening.

Enough Already

It appears that the letter writer Dale, is a perfect idiot.

Absolutely Positively

In 2 months the left shifted from "This is a GOP scare tactic" to "My gosh, why don't they take it seriously????"


Gaslighting fail.

Le Ecrivain

For example, without the right, people might not know that Japan has approved a drug that stops viral replication of many different viruses as opposed to requiring immunizations against each specific one. So the country with the longest life expectancy can simply give sick people an actual antiviral that they developed because #JapanIsn'tASham like America.

Le Ecrivain

For example, there are still people calling the Trump Cure unproven and anecdotal and a host of other junk. It's the treatment in hospitals all over Australia -- a single payer system with the lowest death rate in the world, because they started those regimes from the beginning instead of the left wing political lies that govern America. The Virus doesn't kill equally. It kills some races more than others. It kills some ages more than others. American decision is based on feels and the left wing calls that science and wants decisions based on feels to be injected in people's veins instead of letting actual science and medical advancement take place.

This is a ideological battle over whether quarantines will be used to force vaccines on a recurring basis targeting specific proteins in novel viruses constantly developed. It is a battle against evil, plain and simple. FAUCI IS ON BIOWEAPONS PROFITEERING TEAM. He is not the best expert. Birx is way more reliable than Fauci.

Le Ecrivain

This is an ideological battle for the future of the soul of our nation and and our descendents, and Fauci is on the bioweapons profiteering team. Don't forget that.

Le Ecrivain

Fauci has a vested financial interest in profiting from bioweapons. If they win this win, every few months or years they will be doing a mass quarantine and not releasing until a new vaccine is produced that targets the specific protein of that years designer war machine. Instead of using treatments like Japan, or the TrumpCure as they call it - - things which defeat viral replication instead of making billions on new patents annually -- they want an ongoing totalitarian nightmare.

The right wing is right on this one, because the left wing wants the totalitarianism and death and lies that always comes with it.

Absolutely Positively

The same Rachel Maddow who said, "'In terms of the happy talk we've had on this front from the federal government, there is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there`s no sign that they`ll be anywhere on-site helping out anywhere in the country for weeks yet" 10 days before both ships were docked at their respective destinations.

Suggesting that Maddow is the voice of reason is like suggesting that Colin Kaepernick could win your team a bunch a games if only they'd sign him.

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