Your recent poll question concerning free health care for illegal immigrants paid for by American citizens probably brought a large response.

Those voting no probably felt that we should provide for our own veterans and citizens first. Really, we are broke and have a massive debt we are passing on to future generations. Those voting yes might say it was their love and compassion for all mankind. America should meet the needs of anyone regardless of their legal status.

It would be educational to learn what happened in previous years in Norway. They had a very generous welfare program for all. People from Africa became aware of this and went in abundance to Norway. Their skill levels were lower, so they were not able to get the better jobs. Their lower incomes made them eligible for Norway's welfare benefits. Yet immigrants continued to enter until they almost outnumbered the native population.

Surely you've heard stories about the hordes of people crossing our southern border in an illegal way. What is the magnet for all these people to violate our borders and laws? Could it be all the free benefits they will qualify to receive? How many more millions can be allowed to enter before they collapse our nation?

If you really believe American taxpayers should pay for all the health care and other benefits for illegals, how about you stepping up first. You invite an illegal immigrant to live in your home. You buy their food. You pay for their health care. Only then will I listen to your claim to my tax dollars.

Betty Reneau



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