I'm a retired Warren County teacher who has spent my entire career teaching fairness, responsibility for actions, reasoning based on facts and open-mindedness.

I have voted in every election since 1999 and currently participate in the process as an election officer. I care about our legal system and duties of Congress. I am appealing now to our congressional senators to conduct a fair and thorough trial to determine whether President Donald Trump's impeachment should result in conviction or acquittal.

Senators must base their decisions only on evidence, calling necessary witnesses and allowing all evidence from the impeachment inquiry as well as any new evidence that may become available. We as citizens deserve to see what's happening, limiting transparency only to protect classified information and whistleblower anonymity.

All senators must vote for a fair trial with witnesses and documents. What happens in this process will determine whether our government remains a republic or has become an autocracy led by a proven unchecked narcissistic tyrant.

Claudia Hanes

Bowling Green


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I was on board for a few things until the last sentence. She showed her true colors with it.

Enough Already

If this "teacher" was half as smart as she wants you to believe she would know the Senate has no business pulling together additional evidence but only to conduct the trial based on what the house delivered to them. With ignorant teachers like this teaching our children it is no wonder many come out of the public school system semi-literate. Knowing this woman is an election official is truly sad for the next generation...

Absolutely Positively

What she wants is an open-ended trial. Nope, not going to happen. Your side presented a case for the Senate to adjudicate using the rules that were established the last time this happened. You didn't have a problem with them then.

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