Congratulations to our magistrates, county judge-executive, WRECC and NCTC for taking the first step in providing high-speed internet to rural areas of Warren County. I sincerely hope every eligible household in the target area of Woodburn-Allen Springs Road, Mount Lebanon Road, Antioch Church Road and connecting roads in the target area take advantage of this opportunity.

We moved to the Claypool-Alvaton Road, which connects to the Claypool-Boyce Road and various other roads in the Alvaton area over three years ago and have no high-speed internet. We live a quarter mile from the Allen County line, where the entire county has a great high-speed internet available to all Allen County residents. I recently counted all the houses from our house down Claypool-Boyce and there are 166 houses down this five-mile stretch to Scottsville Road. This number doesn’t include any of the many subdivisions just off Claypool-Alvaton and Claypool-Boyce roads.

We cope with a phone "hotspot” to send and receive emails, but that’s it. No streaming, no updating, no speed, basically nothing. It is similar to having to use coal oil lamps for lighting our home instead of the bright electric lighting.

The one-third of county residents without high-speed internet are hopefully at least beginning to see a glimmer of light from fiber optic cables in our great underserved communities.

David A. Wiles

Bowling Green


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Absolutely Positively

"We knowingly and willingly chose an area with no internet access despite plenty of places to live that do have it. Pity us as we blame our fate on others."

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