The Warren County school board is using our tax money to fight a veto-proof law designed to help low-income students – and it needs to stop.

Commonly referred to as school-choice legislation, this law gives struggling families financial assistance, through voluntary donations, to send their children to private school – an otherwise unaffordable option.

During a special meeting earlier this month, four of the five elected members of the Warren County Board of Education voted to authorize this action.

The Warren County school board is wasting tax dollars. They should be more concerned about educating our children, instead of trying to deny low-income students educational opportunities.

Why do the citizens of Warren County tolerate this behavior? Where is the collective public outcry?

I, for one, can no longer stand by and watch while others stay silent. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and ensure they represent the voice of Warren County voters and no other.

We have long neglected a thorough vetting of candidates for local office, including the Warren County school board. Next year, there will be an election to fill two board positions. It’s time to think about who should fill these posts. Clearly, it is time for a change.

Tonja Tuttle

Bowling Green

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