I am outraged that the Daily News would publish an article that is so obviously inaccurate. I am referring to the Scott Jennings article in your paper on March 5 titled "Irresponsible Democrats lying to nation about coronavirus."

Jennings must have lived for the last few weeks under an enormous rock. In the news on a recent night, it was reported that there is at least one case in Wilson County, Tenn. That is undeniably close to Bowling Green. Jennings' accusations of lying are severely misplaced. The paranoid liar-in-chief in Washington is the one who has spread untruths for fear that it might have an adverse effect on his reelection campaign. Trump has gutted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because either employees there would not take his loyalty oath or they refused to continue working for someone for whom they had no respect.

Jennings is the one spreading lies, and the Daily News has aided and abetted his assault on truth. The coronavirus poses a severe threat to this nation and around the world. Jennings obviously has his head in a very unhandy place.

Betty Anderson

Bowling Green


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If the GOP and this Newspaper choose to lie about the Coronavirus and your family members DIE from it, go medieval on them so they can never harm anyone else again. In the meantime if you want accurate info go to the World Health Organization site who.int

Enough Already

If OccupyBowlingGreen, the MSM, and the Democrat party continue to lie to you about everything including the Corona virus as they have for the last 3.5 years because they hate Donald Trump and would rather crash the economy instead of tell you the truth, send them a message this November! Vote a straight Republican ticket and demonstrate you will no longer be played for a fool. If not, prepare to return to the good ol' days of a stagnant economy and no jobs with illegals pouring over the border sucking up taxpayer money and benefits while arrogant Democrats proclaim the joy of socialism as they get richer while you get poorer.

Don't be a chump! Vote Trump!

Le Ecrivain

And as regards the asinine letters comment. I do realize that my letters sound harsh, but they are my truth. For example, Kobe aluminium for some period had parent friendly schedules. This veteran with a degree from western applied numerous times and never even heard so much as a peep. Then I find out from this great news organization about their special programs with special resources, and special people to bring people from outside the community and get them a job there. Then I find that happens with other employers. All of which I had applied to in the past. So, yeah. Then the city government making a plan to foster that further. Then the school I graduated from creating a jobs program so that you have to be a present student for what few jobs remain.

So what I am supposed to do? Buy the tent to be homeless in? I have chosen to speak my truth because not speaking it certainly hasn't helped me in any stinkin way at all.

Le Ecrivain

I've applied to thousands of jobs in the local economy over the past 5 years. I assure you, if I could get a job where I could save the money to leave, and that allowed me to take care of a child at night, you wouldn't be hearing from me.

The local economy is a garbage dump for parents who aren't on the government payroll and it's the leadership's fault.

Le Ecrivain

If the boomers cared about things like a corona virus needing to result in quarantine of those pesky X, Ys, and Zs, they wouldn't have destroyed the welfare of the nation and left nothing so that said progeny would be homeless if trade stops. Now the old folks can stay home or they can just shutup about threats from a disease as people breathe on them in public spaces. Had the country offered some kind of hopeful future for people who miss some time at work, like the nations of Europe, Russia, Japan, and every other modern nation except for this one, people might care more about their concerns about trade stoppage.

No QUARANTINE. BOOMERS CAN STAY HOME IF THEY ARE AFRAID. Otherwise they should just shut up because they gave us the nation where the young can't miss work at all costs on pain having to lose their family and spend the future defecating on the streets of california.

Le Ecrivain

Just so we understand: The younger generations will be homeless in short order because of the economy the boomers crafted. The old people can just shutup and stay in their hourses on their passive incomes instead of trying to drive homelessness by preaching qaurantines. Right now old people are afraid. Let them start preaching homelessness of their kind and then they be both afraid AND hated. No school closure. The children are fine. If the teacher is a boomer or older, let them stay home. It's time people accepted personal responsible for the society they made. China mandated salaries continue and nobody went homeless. It was these afraid boomers who wanted the only nation in the world where treatment and disease tests would bankrupt you. It is these same boomers who wanted the social safety nets destroyed so no cash is available in a job losss unless the bosses decided you deserve it via some secret merit they decide upon. It was the same boomers.

We are keeping our kids away from the old folks --- in their homes. But otherwise, they need to stop preaching fear and homelessness for the millineals. They need to stop their evil ecnomoic "me me me" that has turned the wealthiest nation on earth into one where every generation is poorer than the last, with 3 times the number of fatherless homes as any other nation, the highest orphans. It was boomer leaders who outsourced everything to China.

It was boomer industrial boards who wanted the only jobs to be factories. It was boomers who wanted the programs that prioritize everyone for jobs except the middle aged who right now are the asymptomatic arriers of the dieases with a 15% case fatality rate on old people.

Boomers should just keep their fear to themselves and let the younger generations keep going to work.

Enough Already

Whine, whine, whine. You are the king of the asinine letter writers. California or NY would be glad to have your useless socialist self. Why don't you just move to a state that will take care of your candy-butt cradle to grave. Or better yet, immigrate to China where you think all of your stupid fantasies exist. They want you badly and we want you to be happy. Move already!

Le Ecrivain

Someone has clearly not tried to save up enough funds to move, and to develop and hold marketable skills in the regional economy. For example, you can become a realtor in NC after taking some classes. In Kentucky you must take classes, and then have a job for two years. Which means your educational investment is wasted in most cases since you can't find the job afterwards. That's just one example.

The poor are stuck here good sir, they aren't refusing to leave of their own wish.

Le Ecrivain

I can't leave, because the decision making bodies have ensured that everyone has no opportunities except for temp services which require rotating shifts without child care obligations -- unless they are women, immigrants, or beneficiaries of high school to tech school pipeline.

Le Ecrivain

Although if you can furnish the list of child care providers who rotate their schedules along with all these factories, and confirm their character suitability, I might be able to get one of those temp jobs and stop commuting long ways for low pay since nothing local will hire me at a wage that doesn't expect me to receive medicaid and SNAP benefits as part of the compensation package. In all cases, I remain, unable to leave poverty land, because that's how the previous generations wanted this place to be.

I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO EARN ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE SOME STUPID GOALS OF BEING ABLE TO LEAVE. I WOULD SHUTUP. But the leadership has always pursued the strategy of lowest wages.

Which is why they specialize in recruiting teenagers for supposed full time factory jobs and tell the college graduates applying everywhere under the sun that their best hope for a job in the region is getting lucky on Indeed.

The problem, the reason I can't leave, is because the region has a worse economy than that of the communists, and I can't make enough money to save up to move.

My car is paid for and every penny goes to mechanics, and I am one transmission failure away from even more ruin. Because the leaders have loved and loved and loved and built a society that thrives on lowest wages possible -- so nobody can leave if they want to.

So please, good sirs, stop telling us to leave. If the economy was worth a nickel, we could afford to.

Low wage mecca. Save up to leave. Preposterous.

Maybe in 5 stinking years I will be able to afford to get out and work low skill elsewhere. But in the mean time, I still won't be able to sell skills because the leaders decided to compartmentalize everything through educational partnership.

blah blah blah. Nobody cares. I just don't want a quarantine because it's one more stupid give away to the generation that created this problem and it takes from people who have nothing left to give.

Enough Already

First, no one wants a quarantine. Second there is no conspiracy to "get you". You seem intelligent enough and my take is if you spent half as much effort trying to move (providing that is what you want) as you do writing these letters you would already be relocated. Nobody who is in a position to make a difference is going to change their mind about the structure of Kentucky's economy. That is a reality you will have to except. Have you ever heard "One man's junk is another man's treasure"? It is true. Sell something, a sacrifice if need be to make money. Garage sales allow you to sell stuff you can do without and so does Craig's List. Stick up a sign in your yard and go for it. There are other platforms that you can do the same thing with and they don't charge anything for the advertising. What have you got to lose? I have done both. It is quite literally free money for stuff I no longer wanted or needed. You would be surprised what people will pay money for. Maybe you have a service you can offer for a price or you are artistic or creative and can make stuff and sell. There may be a way to work from home. If your car is paid for that is good but maybe you're house poor and that is sucking up a disproportionate amount of your income. Look for a cheaper residence. There is almost always a way to cut your expenses to save money for something you want. When you consider the number of foreigners who have come from 3rd world countries without knowing the language and no money but have become rich here, there is no excuse for a native to lay down and cry about his circumstances. Maybe you should run for office? Bernie Sanders was and is a worthless pile of human flesh and never held a job for long because he didn't like to work. He lived on welfare most of the time or leached off of the women in his life, but he had a mouth on him and realized he could run for political office selling socialist wet dreams to the naive. He finally married money and now has a political following. Every times he runs for office now Democrats get scared he will win and buy him another house. He has 3 mansions now and is going for number 4 and yet he keeps telling you how bad this country is. Unfortunately the weak minded believe it because they want a handout. If a slug like that can make it in this country you can also. Get out there and make an effort!

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