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Enough Already

This does not seem to be a difficult decision. Do we want to keep a slum neighborhood because it used to be predominantly black or redevelop it into something where people want to live? Better yet how about you bleeding hearts go buy these slum dwellings and move into them? I won't hold my breath...

Le Ecrivain

It's always fasciniating how at planning and zoning type things the government's job is never to listen to the side with the greatest number of members. It's like democracy gets chucked to the curb when a rich guy wants to build something next to a greater number of non-rich folks.

Absolutely Positively

You're assuming that the side with the greatest number of members is always right.

Absolutely Positively

It's not the commission's duty to rule in favor of which ever side has the greatest number of members or screams the loudest. That aside, congrats for finding a way to make it about race.

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