Last Wednesday’s Business section of the Daily News featured an article on the possible demise of the reign of coal in Kentucky.

But surely the headline and picture of the mourning miner that implied a “grieving farewell” was a misprint? Shouldn’t the headline have read boldly – “Good riddance to the king”? What sane person would for one minute not want to speed the passing of a despotic ruler that had gruesomely caused the death by oxygen deprivation (black lung disease) of more than 70,000 of its minions in 50 years, the poisoning by mercury and other toxic substances of a whole state’s waters, slurry slides that destroy property and lives, mountains, forests and wildlife that can never be restored or reclaimed? And I highlight only a few of the atrocities of coal’s rule.

Perhaps the pictured miner is moved with the overwhelming emotion of release from being enslaved by such an empire and is grateful to the bottom of his lungs for the ascending coalition of clean energy rulers, Solar, Wind and Water.

One can hope that the governments of Muhlenberg County and the expertise and money of TVA will combine to raise the wealth and health of all the people through bringing clean energy industry and jobs to the state.

Good riddance to the king, hail to the Clean Energy Coalition!

Eleanor Bower

Bowling Green


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Which Side Are You On

All Kentuckians deserve jobs that can support their families without hurting their bodies or our land. Coal is killing our people. Its hurting the people doing the work, it will hurt all future generations, and the environmental devastation it causes disproportionately affects black and brown communities. We need investment in clean energy jobs and opportunities to transition away from coal. We can feed our babies without selling our lives to the coal companies, but it takes all of us on board and working to a shared solution.
The land around Paradise is the most ecologically devastated in Kentucky. We need that plant to close, and we need TVA to replace it with investment in clean energy jobs and training in its place. TVA has money set aside in their IRP specifically for clean energy investments like this. We should call for TVA to find a clean energy solution in place of Paradise.

Enough Already

Yeah coal is dirty but the joke that is wind and solar as a replacement is not viable yet and may never be. Water power only works where it naturally falls.
Now, wind and solar work but when the sun goes down and the wind stops blowing you need some other source to power our lifestyle, right now! At this time wind and solar are not scalable in the amount we need, unless you are okay with your power bill doubling, tripling or more. Elanor mentions wind or solar so she will likely look down on oil and natural gas as an alternative.
Coal is still the cheapest fuel unless bureaucrats impose fees to make it more expensive. Now, if you are well healed and you want to save the planet buy your own wind and solar, but that is not an option for the masses unless you are also good with subsidizing their electricity costs.
So if your power bill doubles it will probably triple or more to subsidize electricity for those who can't afford your foolish green initiative. Altruistic fools like Elanor Bower are a dime a dozen but common sense blended with some realism is what it takes to get it right.
Stand down Elanor. Your cognitive abilities are not up to the task. If we need you we'll call you...


Enough Already, you are lacking in imagination and in denial of the scientific consensus that carbon based energy sources are causing the climate crisis. When our children and grandchildren are suffering, it is people like you who made excuses who they will blame. You have let your biases blind you to the truth. I know Eleanor personally, and she is not lacking in cognitive abilities. And she has faced the truth. When will you???

Enough Already

Hi Tom,
I'm sure Elanor appreciates your defense of her ill thought out statement but if like you said she is not lacking in "cognitive abilities", then she is a big girl and should be able to defend herself. I'm going out on a limb here but most sensible people will admit it is not a good idea to stop something that works until you have a viable replacement and people don't like to pay more for a hoax.
All this hysteria started out as global cooling and when that fizzled they decided it was actually global warming. When that failed to materialize it became just climate change. Climate does change in cycles and then starts over again as it has always done. History bears this out.
When Al Gore got involved he got into the buying of "carbon credits" which was a scam to profit from the hysteria of fools who believe this stupidity. As recently as August of 2017 Gore's Tennessee home guzzled more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years. In one month last year it was reported Gore's home consumed more electricity than the average family uses in 34 months. The electricity used just to heat Gore's swimming pool would power six homes for a year. So much for true believers.
Then there is the issue of multiple climate record "tweaks" by government funded "scientists" to make it appear that climate change was a real "thing" when it was designed as a stupid tax for those willing to buy into the lie.
There are plenty of scientists who disagree with the notion that man is responsible for life altering climate change but more than that carbon is not a pollutant but one of the building blocks of life. Now we have a new crop of radicals that want to seed clouds in an effort to cool the earth even though other scientists say that could backfire and cause problems they have not even imagined. No matter what ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or any other left wing cheerleaders tell you this is NOT settled science.

Absolutely Positively

The point is that we should stop mining coal TODAY because it was such a much more dangerous industry 50 years ago. Perfect sense!


Black Lung hits a 25 year high in Kentucky in 2018, despite declines in mining. I have often wondered about life if the only occupation for me was being in a mine. There is no reason for killing 4 or 5 % of the work force on purpose for no other reason than the rich man doesn’t want rebreathers mandated. The sooner the entire industry is dead the better. I’m sorry, but anything where the rich are allowed to kill their workers at a 5% clip, knowingly, just because rebreathers are too expensive for billionaires at 10,000 each, needs to die. The fact that coal employment is the soul of this state shows how corrupt the leadership is. Willfully giving 5% of workers a fatal disease rather than mandating a ten-thousand-dollar piece of safety equipment for each, and that’s the hard core truth.
Coal needs to die. The people making that bargain are like me. Having a hard time finding work, and that’s the only option, and life’s terrible anyway, so why not die with a bit of glory written across the face in black soot.
Black lung continues to rise as coal jobs decrease because they literally prefer to kill the workers than pay ten grand each for rebreathing apparatus. The leaders of this state absolutely fail, and there is no excuse for it, and it’s heart breaking.
No one of sound mound chooses to provide for their babies by giving themselves a 5% chance of dying because their boss prefers to save a few bucks. They do it only because the alternative is starving babies.
They should have mandated rebreathers and then perhaps Coal wouldn’t been a killing field. There is no better example of outright killing employees because they can and with the government’s approval than Kentucky Coal.
Full Disclosure: I was born in Eastern Kentucky Coal Country

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