Kentucky chooses to not provide severely disabled people on SSI with dental coverage. It is one of the few states that does not do so.

Kentucky provides the bare federal minimum to those disabled people on SSI. This is about $792 a month.

Try to rent an apartment, pay utilities and eat adequately on that extremely small amount of money. Try to eat an adequate diet with no teeth or with rotting teeth. Try to adequately clothe yourself on that limited amount of money.

It is long past time that Kentucky considers entering the 20th century when it comes to care for its disabled and elderly people. I don't say 21st century, because our state is so far beyond that goal that it isn't feasible.

Our state legislators, most of whom hold themselves out to be Christians, really need to take a hard look at how they have neglected the disabled and poor elderly people of our state. Just basic decency would hold that these people should be able to feed, clothe and shelter themselves decently.

I volunteer at a local food pantry. I see the poor, the disabled and the elderly every day that I work. I can assure those with hard hearts that those people are not living "high on the hog."

The people of our state need to pressure our legislators to "treat others as we would have them treat us."

Lynton Stewart



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