The summer camping program at the Kentucky Sheriffs' Boys & Girls Ranch officially opened to campers for its 46th season June 14. After a summer off because of COVID, we are excited to be back up and serving. The camp runs throughout June and July, serving both boys and girls on alternating weeks, throughout the camp season.

The Boys & Girls Ranch is a nonprofit organization, serving Kentucky's youth through a camping program designed to build their self-esteem while teaching them respect for themselves, others and law enforcement professionals.

The camp is free to the campers, thanks to the dedication and support of our sheriffs, members and contributors. The cost of serving the children costs about $500 per week per child. With continued donations and support from our contributors, we will continue reaching Kentucky's youth.

Remember, 100% of your donations directly benefit the camp.

For more information about the Boys & Girls Ranch or how you can invest in a child's life and help build Kentucky's youth, call the ranch at 270-362-8660.

Jerry Wagner

Kentucky Sheriffs' Boys & Girls Ranch executive director

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